UberEats launches in Triangle Township Of North Carolina

Uber the established ride-sharing app is marking the debut of its restaurant delivery service in the Triangle Township where 100 eateries were registered beforehand where a given section is open to delivery services marking it for the first time on their part.

UberEats app featured as a standalone version of the original Uber app permits its users to order food which will be delivered with the help of Uber drivers.

A spokesman from Uber, Mr. Gibbons noted that the locality’s passionate and fiery passion with respect to delicious food and the related association was what that made UberEats enter the picture. Benefited are the university students who make the orders as well.

Some instances of the eateries encompass Monuts from Durham, Guasaca from Raleigh and Kipo’s Greek Tavern located in Chapel Hill.


UberEats has spread to over 120 cities globally when evaluated with the original ride-hailing service app which features around 734 cities. The latest addition was Charlotte. Last month, New York Times reported that UberEats has been an outstanding success for Uber, thriving well in a fifth of its operating cities.

Featured with UberEats is a delivery charge of $4.99 when availing the services and it also encompasses a feature where the Uber drivers can be offered with tips via the app itself or through cash. Similar to how Uber app operates, the user base can get to track the order as it is being prepared and delivered.

Related to new users when handling their first two orders, the manipulation of the code “EATSTRIANGLE” will result in the delivery fee will be waived much to the amazement of the user base.


The owner of the eatery Guasaca noted that Uber associated itself with the restaurant some time back and before the partnership, the eatery had only delivered food orders priced above $100.

As noted it was feasible only to deliver big orders and was opposed to orders which were smaller in comparison. However, now the restaurant is ready to serve those who have made only a few orders.

Related to the restaurants which provide delivery for the first time with the help of Uber Eats encompasses Pizzeria, Harvest 18 and OId Havana Sandwich Shop to name a few.

Within the locality featured are third-party delivery choices like 919Dine, Postmates and Take Out Central.


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