Some Facts About Uber’s Venture Into Self Driving Cars

Not a while ago, Vegas Seven featured the privilege to ride in Uber’s new self-driving cars. This experimental phase is carried out in the cities of Pittsburgh and Tempe. From what has been experienced there are seven important facts related to this venture.


Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group aka ATG is what that is the driving force behind the progress of this self-driving technology. The main motto is to mitigate accidents to a considerable extent and be associated with minimal traffic congestion. Further looking ahead is to enhance the economics of transportation. based on what it had to reveal, more than 1.3 million people are victims of fatal car accidents annually.

If the user avails an UberX in Pittsburgh, then the user will be associated with a self-driving experience


Currently in each self-driving car of Uber, featured are two human operators. Seeing that this venture is still associated with testing which will continue for a considerable amount of time, all the self-driving cars will be manned for effective performance.

Featured for this venture are more than 200 Volvo XC90 vehicles and a mounted lidar sensor which offers a 360 degree and three-dimensional view of the surrounding environment.


Featured with each vehicle are seven cameras and a laser. The cameras which are positioned at the side and rear integrate together to generate an uninterrupted and ceaseless view of the environment around the vehicle. In addition, the forward facing cameras will focus on vehicles which have suddenly braked, the pedestrians who are crossing the road along with traffic lights and signposts featured all over. It gives attention to both far-field and close viewing


All Uber strives to achieve is to generate a future timeline where there is no annoying factor of owning a car.

With regards to Pittsburgh being selected as a testing platform, the decision was made mainly due to the weather associated with the city, its narrow streets and uncertain state of its roads.


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