Uber Now Features Rides For People Not Interested In The App

Currently, the taxi booking giant is promoting a feature where the user can organize a ride for their relatives, friends and also those disillusioned with Uber. Despite there is a prevailing feature to book rides from an another pickup location in a superficial manner thereby organizing rides for other people, the new feature is featured with a rich customization associated with it.

To comprehend its working methodology, it is very simple to grasp. Provided the user has decided to arrange a pickup which is not from the present location and place, the user can make the app to comprehend who will be the rider, all done by selecting a contact from the user’s smartphone. Once this step is completed and the ride is finalized, the particular contact of the user will receive notifications and information related to the ride along with the associated driver’s details along with a web link so as to get to know about the route of the driver. To ensure a streamlined and effective process, the driver and the rider can communicate with the other party so that everything is done hitch free. Further, to be in terms of the privacy norms, the driver cannot directly avail or get to know the rider’s contact number.

However, the users still have to pay for the service associated with their contacts by manipulating the payment details which are already saved and integrated with their profile. In the scenario where Uber accepts cash and money, then the particular rider can pay for the ride instead of the user.

The giant is promoting a senior citizen friendly user interface where it notes that there was a rising demand by the user base to assist the elderly to travel via Uber. The brand has also made an official declaration of the advantages of Uber for the particular group who dont possess a smartphone. This venture could generate prosperity and productivity for the company and the user base who especially live in localities where the frequency of smartphone possession and internet usage is very much minimal. The feature could prove worthy in different situations where to quote an instance, the users can organize a transportation via Uber for their friends who are paying a visit to the user from a foreign nationality. This will increase the user base for Uber and also there are possibilities that it can help in regaining the nearly 200,000 customers who quit Uber by involving in the #DeleteUber crusade.

This feature is launched in America where it also includes some 30 extra nations as well. It is a good sign that Uber listens to its user base demands and act accordingly benefitting them.