Uber’s Latest Venture into Self Driving Taxies

The proposal and the ambitious attempt from Travis Kalanick, the CEO, and co-founder of Uber is to launch self-driving cars.
Speaking of this, John Bares joined Uber and prior to that he was in charge of the Carnegie Mellon University’s robotic engineering discipline. After some time, he ventured into his own Robotics where the components necessary to develop robots to provide assistance in various domains were developed. His next focus after joining Uber was to design automatic cars in a short timeframe.

However few professionals have maintained that the risk factor is increased and the results could be unpredictable. The technology related to the same is to be in full swing sometime in the future, according to some people. Mr. Travis in response to these opinions has been steadfast to develop automated taxis to be rolled out commercially.

Coming to the second half of this month, the proposal has progressed to a state where the other competitors and established brands were incapable of. Thanks to Tesla motors, Uber has an autopilot to navigate the vehicles and ensure that they drive properly and securely on the highways. This venture is also attempted by Ford alone.

Such taxis will be monitored by the person who is seated in the driver seat, to take charge if any malfunction occurs. The cars boast of Volvo XC90 engines, integrated cameras, state of the art GPS and radars to name a few. Both Uber and Volvo have agreed on terms to spend 300 million dollars with regards to this venture. They assure that automatic cars will be rolled out by 2021. This agreement is also in effect for other automobile companies and Uber has signed a deal with Otto. It is strategizing to hire even more people from the established giants like Google and Apple to bring about this dream

Otto has made strides in designing a component to enable the trucks to drive themselves in highways all by artificial intelligence. This venture proved to be a success after it was tested in San Francisco

Uber has gained an upper hand thanks to Otto’s product which enables it to tackle its rival Google. The latter also is attempting to do the same venture. Ottos’ founders were previously a part of Google’s attempts regarding the same. They quit Google to develop such cars on their own very soon.

The perception regarding this self-driving cars was mixed, where some people wondered regarding the feasibility of this attempt and others were happy to see an option from the traditional taxi driving method. Mr. Travis is pleased with the opinion that some people had accepted and embraced this idea, as, without any positive comments, it is impossible to keep the venture as a possibility. Instead of developing such cars from the ground up, Uber attempts to tweak the prevailing vehicles with Otto’s kit to provide an upheaval for them as self-driving cars. based on what Mr.Travis had to say, Uber is making strides to develop cars which will function without any drivers. He has also assured that no mistakes and accidents will be committed as a part of Uber. Google has encountered several mishaps although not harming anyone. The typical cars will be associated with the self-driving cars and it is for free at the beginning. The latter is much affordable than the former. Uber incessantly assimilates the present scenario related to mishaps and strives to eliminate them in the self-driving vehicles.

To promote safety, such cars from Uber has initially rolled out with drivers so as to assume control if something goes wrong. All the activities are monitored by a computer with the help of cameras. If any hurdles or obstructions are discovered, the driver’s device will be alerted immediately. The cars are featured with a tablet to make the riders aware of what is going on and other details related to the trips.

Finally, the CEO stated that all its employees should have the robust zeal and mindset to maintain a supreme position in the top of the vying industry similar to Google.