Uber Can Pry Stealthily On iPhones

The tech giant Apple has disclosed an undocumented private app authorization where the Uber software can record and tape any information displayed on the user’s iPhone screen where the user is unaware of this process.

The attribute was disclosed by security analyst Will Strafach. It was said to be present ever since a long time where it associated itself with the apps from iPhone devices which were jailbroken without the consent and authorization of Apple.

More insight into this scenario, reveals that Apple had granted permission and authorization to Uber so as to avail the feature. Uber is featured as the only third-party app given this access. Strafach came to this interpretation post indexing a large number of app binaries.

A geek from Apple named Luca Todesco who is also an expert when it comes to jailbreaking noted that the apps typically could write to the specific iPhone memory location encompassing pixel and display related data and information. It is known as Framebuffer.

Further noted was that the related authorization signified that Uber now features the means to write or read.

He added that the aspect of writing is very much likely with regards to an app which features general rendering services which in turn associated with the framebuffer. The aspect of reading permits the user to view the device screen.

Luca signified that it was similar to Uber been given the access to keylogging. It is the ability of a computer software program to record and tape all the keystrokes which the user had made. This is related to illegally accessing private data like passwords. He was concerned regarding the potential hazards of the same.

It serves to be an exposed opportunity in the app for the hacker base to make use of for their malicious activities and ventures.

A representative from Uber noted that the software was developed particularly to enhance the rendering on Apple Watch app. He added that it was not associated with other aspects in the present codebase and the facility to uninstall the same is also in development.


The feature permitted the maps to render on the smartphone and subsequently will be shared with the user’s Apple Watch.

The aspect of rendering was enhanced considerably thanks to the following updates associated with the Apple Watch and the Uber app. As a consequence, the operating feature will be discarded, Uber noted.

Uber has already been criticized for the way it handles privacy as the New York Times noted that earlier the ride-hailing giant had breached the guidelines set by Apple once the news came to light that it tracked the iPhones subsequently after the app was uninstalled.

Strafach commented that this scenario which occurred was a surprise from the ride-hailing service after the Apple head Tim Cook had warned the company that it won’t be a part of the App Store. What puzzled him further was that how Uber reassured the tech giant to grant the related authorization and access.

He concluded that there was a reluctance to admit the same. Related to this Apple is yet to make a reply.


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