Uber Usage Contributes To More Trips And Travels In Cities As Based On An Analysis

Uber has evolved from being a startup to an organization valued more than billion dollars.

An analysis by University of California Davis transportation analyst Dr. Regina Clewlow discovered that the global reach of Uber and other services have served to lessen the number of miles where the users drive on their own and have augmented the number of miles driven in various metropolises. The app users are implementing extra trips apart from substituting for them.

An analysis reveals that in around 49 % to 61% of all the ride-hailing trips would not have been feasible by walking, biking and the such. Uber is associated with augmenting the growth related to vehicle miles traveled in all the big metropolises.

It is signified that the vehicle miles traveled will continue to augment even if the vehicle ownership sees a steep decline.

The study was carried out in the metropolises of Boston, Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco where the data was collected from more than 4000 urban and suburban residents who revealed their travel mode with respect to different times in the time span between 2014 and 2016.

It serves to be an exposed opportunity in the app for the hacker base to make use of for their malicious activities and ventures.

A representative from Uber noted that the software was developed particularly to enhance the rendering on Apple Watch app. He added that it was not associated with other aspects in the present codebase and the facility to uninstall the same is also in development.

Analysis revealed that 21% of adults from the cities availed ride-hailing services like Uber where 24% of them availed the services on a day to day or weekly basis. The main factor related to this was to circumvent parking.


Uber and other services have curbed the intensity of drunk driving.

Nearly 91% of ride-hailing service users have not noted regarding the fact whether they possess a vehicle and for the user base who have reduced self-driving have made the trips feasible with ride-hailing services like Uber.

A research conducted earlier among the Americans who had sold their vehicles noted that 9% of them availed Uber and other services and another 9% decided to avail the same for the next year. This just changes the aspect as to who is driving and does not contribute to curbing traffic congestion and pollution.

Jeffrey Tumlin from Nelson\ Nygaard noted that the growth in VMTs serves to deteriorate the economy in the cities as users look for a comfortable door to door ride services through Uber and others.

It could lead to declination in bus riders, biking and walking and this scenario is present in the cities of New York and San Francisco.

Clewlow’s research deciphered that Uber services resulted in a dip of 6 % related to transit use and 3% related to light rail services. Further, it was found that usage of buses mitigated considerably.


She added that the services are made to substitute for personal driving and has a personal positive perception that the shift will happen.The momentum related to the same had speeded up in the last five years and a lot of work has to be done to mend the gap.An Uber spokesperson noted that in the subsequent times the transportation is featured to be an amalgamation of public transit and ridesharing. Steps have also been taken to collaborate with public organizations to make this feasible.


Clewlow noted that the given shift from personal driving associated with the total vehicle miles traveled implies various policies. To elucidate, rather than giving attention to parking and tolls so as to organize driving, a few cities like New York City have come up with the proposal related to congestion pricing. As Uber users have become familiar with paying per mile, it was feasible to launch the related policies which were previously not possible to implement in the nation.


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