Uber’s Venture To Associate Itself With Deaf Drivers.

Uber has rolled out an effective and productive feature to aid a sector of its driver base who are deaf and enhance their work productivity.


The San Francisco based ride-sharing company subjected a brand new website to inception where the rider base will be enlightened and taught about phrases related to the American Sign Language so as to make the interaction and communication much effective between the passengers and the Uber drivers who are deaf or have hearing disabilities. The new venture is a strategy of Uber related to hiring people who are deaf as a part of the Uber family. It also aims to sync such drivers with the normal hearing passengers and promote good comprehension related to communication.


Uber notes that at present it features deaf drivers who operate in more than 200 cities in the United States and on a worldwide scale as well. It revealed that the deaf drivers had totally made over one million trips. Two years back, Uber rolled out several features to promote good services featured with respect to the deaf Uber drivers and their associated passengers. One instance of this venture includes the introduction of video and visual notifications instead of audio notifications for such drivers in the event a new trip has been requested. Coming to the rider base they are disclosed with the information that their associated driver is deaf. This news is shared well in advance. The interaction between the customers and the drivers in case of any queries or doubts can be done with the help of text messages as opposed to voice communication.


When the rider base avails the ubersignlanguage.com website, they can be enlightened with some fundamental phrases from the American Sign language. Some notable instances include “hello”, “thanks”, “hi my name is” and the such. Further related to helping the hearing impaired driver base to navigate, some phrases like “turn left”, “turn right” and “stop here” are also listed out.


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