Uber and Visa Are Teaming Up In Africa

Related to the Kenyan country, the ride-hailing giant Uber has collaborated with Visa so as to promote an effective means related to ride and fare payment.

Not a while ago, several of the financial establishments prohibited their cards being used for this purpose and there was no option for Uber other than to go for the only existing option that is cash payment. This is with regards to the Kenyan capital of Nairobi which follows the city of Hyderabad in India.


Manipulating the Visa Card, the expense will be charged to the specific card without manual intervention, this standard is typically followed in various nations where Uber operates.


The payment organization will team up with its partners so as to allocate and create debit and credit portfolios related to eCommerce. As a consequence, the adoption rate related to digital/ online payment is boosted and this promotes to the generation of new income generating channels for the financial institutes like banks and also for merchants as well. This serves to develop a useful platform where established brands like Uber can provide even more amazing services and promote a greater experience for a wider range of customer base.


Visa’s General Manager for East Africa, Sunny Walia noted that the user base prefers enthralling customer experience irrespective of whether it is via app or face to face. All the obstacles will be removed by Visa in the continent and it promotes to simplify how user base can pay for a ride effectively without any issues and guide the people to their destination point.


Sunny’s Uber counterpart Loic Amado noted that the brand emphasizes to provide simplified and effective payment which is vital for the Kenyan nation and hence the reason why Uber joined forces with Visa to promote a wider range of payment options. Further, the riders are also in for surprise where they can add free rises.The collaboration has served effectively in augmenting the trips and increasing more rides for the driver-partners. It is a win-win situation for the people associated.


Ultimately it narrows down to the fact that brands like Uber want to promote and generate effective app-based payment options for the user base and promote more flexibility related to payment.

The association in Kenya is with KCB bank, Barclays Bank, Cooperative Bank and Equity Bank which serves to promote increased digital payment related to the userbase. When being in the branding phase, all the new riders will be credited with some discounts related to their first two journeys. The prevailing riders who manipulate payment through Visa will be given a free trip for every sixth ride.

This is made feasible by the rider base where all they have to carry out is to sync the Visa card with the payment option of the Uber app prior to any rides. The deal lasts up to the second of April, next year


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