Uber’s Association With Hubble And Its Venture Into e-Commerce

Related to South Africa, Uber’s branding and in-vehicle entertainment partner Hubble had noted that it experienced a massive 700% growth as related to its first year of service.

Hubble was conceptualized in September last year and has made the rider base to be enlightened about in-vehicle entertainment where it features over 500 screens in the nation of South Africa and regarding the inception of 200 screens in the Ukraine.


It was rolled out as Taxi Media Group related to Uber vehicles in Cape Town and next in line was Johannesburg. The features encompass video and enthralling interactive data related to a confined environment where there is significant Return on Investment associated with it.


It joined forces with Uber drivers where it incorporated small branding related screens into the vehicles. These captivating screens feature interactive content for the rider base to associate themselves with several brands which encompass participating in competitions, viewing advertisements, going over menus and assimilating additional relevant information as well.


It was reported that the level of engagement was very much intense and captivating where some of the channels featured over 20% engagement. To quote an instance, it noted that there was a huge assimilation of bookings related to hundreds of test drives where the booking was done from an Uber vehicle’s back seat related to several vehicle companies.


In the South African market, the international brands which are manipulating Hubble encompass McDonald’s, Landrover, BMW, and GoPro to name a few. The brands in the vicinity of the region include Woolworths, Savanna, and Sanlam which have also associated themselves with Hubble.

Hubble noted that very soon plans are there to integrate the service into Uber vehicles from Dubai and Kenya.

Further related to Uber’s association with E-commerce, it is feasible at the moment to make payments related to Uber ride with the manipulation of Visa debit cards.


The ride-hailing giant Uber and the payments organization have collaborated together to start a business deal where the latter will be carrying out its work with many banks so as to facilitate the payments being made by the customer base much simpler and effective. The banks associated with the same are KCB, Equity Bank, Barclays Bank and Co-Operative Bank. Another beneficial feature which this deal promotes is providing the rider with free rides upon manipulation of their cards.


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