Plans which Uber has for the smartphone less people

Uber is set to venture into providing rides for people in India who dont have the luxury of smartphones and. India is featured as its second biggest market. And Daniel Graf, vice president and global head of product at Uber had to say a lot.


There are big ambitious ventures in India with regards to aiding similar markets as well. Featured are several areas with insufficient 3G or 2G connection. It aims to help folks who dont have smartphones.

Steps are made to make Uber more effective and economically friendly as well related to trips taken. Proposals related to predicting the Estimated time of arrival accurately are in full swing.

Related to reliability it is synonymous with low ETA and this is just the beginning which he added where the focus was also given on safety with the help of sophisticated technology. Uber has also rolled out features to identify if the driver has not mounted the smartphone and is holding it in their hands. In the event the driver has driven with overspeed or braked too sharply, there are sensors for them as well.

Uber was rocked with controversies where the former CEO Travis Kalanick was expelled and Dara Khosrowshahi took up the reigns. India is featured as a vital market for Uber. He added that everything was about transportation.

Related to the ventures taken by Uber’s rivals with relation to scheduling outstation trips or providing rentals, Uber is very much focused on the aforementioned attributes like Safety, affordability, and reliability. Precise Estimated Time of Arrivals occupies the top priority.


Daniel Graf was an ex-employee of Google noted in particular for the development of Google maps and Google Local. Steps have been taken to expand the mapping technology throughout the various areas of India he added.

The main aspect is to establish destinations and pick up locations more precisely and match rides on to the ride-sharing attribute which apart from being beneficial for the riders and drivers serve effectively for cities choked with traffic congestions.

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