Some News About UberEATS App And Its Progress Forward

Uber’s rollout dedicated entirely to on-demand food delivery i.e UberEATS featured app integrated restaurant ratings and feedbacks so that there is more insight provided with respect to what is to be eaten.

The Product Manager of UberEATS Ambika Krishnamachar revealed that there was an influx of feedback from the user base that they requested additional information to be furnished so that a proper conclusion can be arrived in regarding the eatery selection. The user base was searching for a vote of confidence and since it proved good with respect to Uber rides, the decision was made to integrate it with UberEATS in addition.

Encompassed earlier was the feature to assess the delivery person and currently, the user base can review the eatery as well with the boundaries restricted from one to five stars. Further, the food items can also be rated with a thumbs up/ thumbs down factor. The reviews and ratings uploaded are based on the assimilation of previous three months data.

This new move proves effective not only for the consumer base but also for the marketplace she added.

This serves effectively in providing insight into the consumer’s preference related to the various factors associated with enhancement and what they decline to accept.
On the contrary to the rating methodology, as associated with Uber drivers, the ratings do not have anything related to managing the restaurant with respect to the platform. Yet, they have to address issues related to the quality, rude behavior and not abiding by the terms of food regulations as specified by the brand’s parameters and protocols.

In addition, Uber has rolled out customizable menu suggestions related to every eatery and it simplifies to access the user’s desired eateries.

The venture proved effective in the assimilation of captivating details related to what the user base prefers along with more in-depth details which play a major role in what the user base has to do before coming to a conclusion she added. Further steps were already initiated to manipulate the data so as to enhance the decision making factor and total quality of the user base.

Coming at the precise moment is the logic behind digital restaurants which were recently associated with testing by UberEATS and they are featured only in the former. The app refines its search by focusing on some localities in the cities and researching what exactly the user base needs. To quote an example of what Ambika had to say, it has to be assumed that there is a locality where Mexican food is in demand and popularity but featured are no eateries associated with it.

The popularity factor is manipulated and the eateries associated with the neighborhood which does not cook Mexican food but encompasses related ingredients are availed. In the event the attention of the eatery is grabbed, then it could develop an additional enterprise on UberEATS and it is associated with its own marketing as well.


Although the idea behind virtual restaurants is in the nascent stages, there has been some progress with regards to eateries embracing this concept with relation to UberEATS. A notable example features Si-Pie-Pizzeria wherein the locality there were people in demand for chicken and regarding the same, the Pizza shop owner featured a fryer available and came up with the idea that fried chicken could also be served. However, the item was marketed as Si’s Chicken Kitchen with access only through UberEATS rather than including it onto the menu card of the Pizzeria store.

The venture proved to be beneficial as in the previous month post managing the virtual kitchen for a year’s timeframe, the shop registered more number of chicken sales when evaluated with that of pizzas.

This serves as an effective launchpad for the restaurants to revamp and enhance themselves


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