Uber’s ambitious plans for UberEATS related to monetization

The ride-hailing giant Uber has proclaimed regarding its highly focused venture regarding investment into the food delivery domain it offers- UberEATS. This was launched in the Indian market and the brand is also looking for ways to make the enterprise a lucrative one.

Uber had rolled out UberEATS in the nation some six months back and the spread of its service has expanded into some Indian cities encompassing Mumbai, Delhi-NCR and Hyderabad as well.

A top-ranking personnel from Uber Jason Droege reported that the Indian market has lots of potentials and featured in store are some serious and ambitious investments. Jason being the Head of UberEverything also noted about the lucrative prospects from the move.

Jason has noted in July 2017 that the venture was lucrative and well thriving in 27 cities from out of the 108 cities where it has set up its operations.

Featured at present are some 180 cities in a global perspective and by the end of next month, Uber has set its goal to reach the milestone of 200 cities.

The main underlying logic behind this ambitious investment venture comes with the presence of an effective crew along with sophisticated and robust technology which is associated with it. He added that the venture was somewhat convoluted on a scale and that expertise and experience as assimilated from the primary ride-hailing business of Uber feature to be very much effective.

The food delivery venture of Uber was subject to inception 3 years back with relatively less fanfare in Los Angeles and in December of the following year, it was rolled out as a standalone mobile app in the bustling city of Toronto.

The chief rivals of UberEATS in India includes the likes of Zomato, Swiggy and Food Panda.

Featured are over 5000 restaurant-partners and related to its launch in Hyderabad, it has associated itself with more than 300 eateries spread across the city base.

Droege mentioned that Uber is focused on revolutionary measures so as to augment the user experience when availing the same.

As per what was reported to PTI, he noted that the attribute of cash payments related to UberEATS was rolled out in Mumbai. Similar to rides, he added that this was a global first. More venturers related to the same will be rolled out once seeing how the user base responds to the rollout.

UberEATS is rapidly gaining steam in the Indian nation and is featured with tremendous growth especially in the Asia Pacific region.

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