Important features that constitute a ride-hailing app solution.

When it comes to taxi booking services, what is more, effective than ride-hailing oriented services which offer a lot of options to choose from? One can customize their ride by inputting in the budget, the time of ride and the destination. All this is carried out with a few clicks on the smartphone via an online taxi booking app. With that said, these apps are becoming popular across the world where Uber and Lyft have gained great fame and recognition, and they have become essential for people who commute regularly. So if you want to get an Uber clone developed for yourself, do continue reading on, and we will speak on what makes these apps very trending.


Let’s start with the Rider App.

This app encompasses a lot of intriguing features which the rider can use based on his/ her needs and requirements. It will serve to take care of all expectations associated with the rider.



Group Travels


This will serve to be very economical and time conserving. Most importantly, it is very enticing for every typical rider. Further, one can make use of some enthralling discounts and offers which will fit in with their saving plans. One prominent feature called the shared pass is really very useful for the typical commuter.


Saving Locations


This is very much effective when the rider is in hectic hours as it helps in speeding up the typical booking work and the journey is started even before the riders know about it. It serves to be immensely beneficial for the normal rides where one can feed in the addresses related to home, work-place, or any other place, and they will be instantly notified with some suggestions related to location.


Advanced Booking

To book a ride in advance for a business trip, or flights or catching up with relations or friends, featuring an advanced ride scheduler option is seen as the best fit. Even though it may add up to the cost, the good thing is that there are lots of advantages associated with the same.





The Estimated Time of Arrival feature will prove a great deal of worth if it is shared with others like the riders friends or relations who will then be notified regarding the arrival time and the present status.


A plethora of options for Payment

The Rider app must come with lots of payment options which are very beneficial for the user based on the given situation. It could be cash or eWallet or Debit / Credit Card payment as well. They must be secure and super-fast.


Now let’s get into the Driver App.


This app is what that helps the driver to reach out to his customers, and it must have the main features to carry out all the services smoothly. Let’s speak about what is necessary for a Driver App.


An advanced GPS Tracker


A mobile data plan and a robust GPS tracker will serve to be greatly beneficial for the drivers who have to travel to distant locations or are confused by the directions to reach the destination.


Transaction History


This feature will help the Driver in knowing what the total earnings are and will give total insight regarding the payments credited consistently to avoid any confusion.




With this feature, a driver can locate the fuel station that is close by, and it will serve to be extremely advantageous for those drivers who are new to a given area.



Music Player


Nowadays a lot of the rider apps are adding the option for the driver to play music when on a given ride. It will serve to keep their spirits up during the ride and will keep them going.




For a ride-hailing app that is seamless and offering the best when it comes to advanced and cool features, it has to focus on updating everything consistently so that the end-users are satiated completely.

Uberdoo’sUber clone solution that comes with a lot of advanced features will help you in establishing a strong foothold in the taxi business domain. It has everything needed to create a highly customizable ride-hailing app based on all your requirements.

The team also helps in consistently integrating new features so that you can gain the edge in competition over your rivals.

Reach us out to know more about our Uber Clone solution.





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