Some of the Industrial sectors where Uber for X is prospering well enough

Uber has become synonymous with the words taxi and ride-hailing and its popularity has skyrocketed to such an extent that the terminology Uber for X began to get applied for any On-demand service. This article will speak more about what is Uber for X and which are the industries that have embraced this business model.


The working functionality of Uber for X is as follows:

First, the users will be allowed to be provided with offline services immediately after it has been ordered through mobile applications.

Next soon after the order gets submitted, the service provider will be alerted where the one in the closest proximity accepts it.

There are 2 separate apps for the user and the service provider.

Uber for X has gained so much popularity that is very simple to understand, and the term itself has become a commonly used word.

The challenges associated with the Uber for X model are not related to the technical aspects. Still, it is rather the businessperson’s skill to select the market that is pertinent to his/her product.

Earlier the taxi industry was faced with several problems that include unavailability of cars and exorbitant rates before Uber came in as the saviour.

Uber amalgamated the following components associated with a ride, namely.


Car selection

Finding an available driver

Booking a taxi immediately or for a later time

The Trip

Payment at the end

Rating for the ride.


Let us see about some Uber for X industries that are flourishing successfully.




(i) Food / Grocery Delivery


Food is vital for every human being’s sustenance. However, the present generation gives importance not only to the quality of the food but also how quickly it is cooked and delivered. There is also the aspect of eating good healthy food. These reasons are enough to say why Uber for X has succeeded greatly in this domain.


Instacart provides food and grocery items from the stores where it takes a given percentage of the purchase, and further will mark the prices by 20% greater than what the people will pay for when they visit the retailers in person.


DoorDash has become a popular choice for people to order food from eateries that have not yet integrated their own delivery service. The DoorDash personnel will take care of the rest in getting the food delivered. Same like Instacart, it generates income by providing the dishes for a higher price. Further, it will also receive some share from the locales for having kept the kitchen oriented work very busy.


(ii) Transportation and logistics


Besides the powerful Uber app, some more apps like Lyft and Hailo, which are associated with the ride-hailing business have jumped into the fray when we speak about freighting and logistics.


A notable exemplar is Lalamove from Asia which has attained great popularity in delivering cargo via vans, lorries and 5.5 tonnes trucks. It has now become a big and formidable competitor with all the big guns in this domain. All the rates for the services are provided via its website.


Shyp which is seen as Uber for Packages will help in the delivery of packages where the courier will pick the item needed to be shipped before packing and shipping it via services that provide the lowest price for a specific good type.





(iii) Housework


Post earning a great deal of income, people like to pay someone free to deal with all the household chores. Some start-ups that are related to this type of on-demand services are


TaskRabbit: Here for housekeeping, the user will have to make a listing for some given work be it ironing, laundry etc. The service providers will then reveal their price for the task or will take care of it for a given fee provided by the user. Users can also select who is the best fit for the job.


UrbanSitter helps busy parents to find babysitters in their localities. Similar to some dating startups, here the mobile app will also reveal information on whether some of the friends of the user know about a given babysitter which will optimize the reliability related to the service.






Uber for X thrives on the fact that everyone needs some help in taking care of certain activities when they don’t have the time for those work be it housework, dog walking, laundry, finding accommodation for a trip or booking a massaging therapist and much more. Everything is done quickly and neatly without any hurdles, and the services satiate the end-users greatly.

If you are interested in starting your business based on the Uber for X domain, you can reach out Uberdoo and define your Uber for X idea where we will help you in developing an app solution that successfully caters to whatever your business vertical might be.

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