An insight about Uber’s self driven cars and the first anniversary since its roll out

Speaking about the residents of the Pittsburgh metropolis they will get adapted to observe the self-driving cars rolled out by Uber which ply the city’s roads and streets. It comes featured with a 360- degree scanner and several cameras incorporated in the gray Volvo XC90 vehicles.

This week is considered as the first year anniversary of implementing the self-driving car experimental campaign which Uber noted that it will be integrated with the fleet. The upcoming phase related to the self-driving innovative idea will soon be launched into the streets of Pittsburgh very soon in a matter of months.

Brian Zajac, who is the director of hardware engineering noted that there could be some resemblance with the previous version but however, this new generation comes packed with a huge number of improvements and enhancements to satisfy the user base.

The enhancements related to this brand new self-driving model will result in great proliferation and is also associated with the augmentation of the resolution quality with respect to the sensors and will promote a smart cleaning system and will also come featured with additional trunk spacing. Improvements have also been rolled out with regards to the backseat user interface.

Related to the same Dennis Zhao noted that after generating thousands of trips via Uber, there has been good enlightenment about the rider comfort by the company. Dennis is the product manager behind the venture taken by Uber with regards to self-driving human experience.

Apart from Pittsburgh, the other city where the pilot venture related to self-driving cars has been rolled out is Phoenix. Presently, the ride-hailing giant has reached the milestone of 30,000 passenger trips in regards to the experimental program and has accounted for a figure of more than one million miles traveled.

Eric Meyhofer who is the head of Uber Advanced Technologies Group noted that 1.3 million people die due to car accidents annually and featured are 34,000 deaths in the United States annually due to cars. This concerning issue can be patched up he added.

At present, Uber features rides which have two operators. The transition to single operator rides will be rolled out steadily in this year and the next as well.