Uber to provide Insurance for its driver-partner base in India

The San- Francisco based ride-hailing giant Uber had noted that it will launch an insurance program related to its driver partners who number in over 4.5 lakhs in the Indian nation. It has collaborated with ICICI Lombard General Insurance regarding the same

The venture incepted in the beginning of this month will roll out to all the free and associated driver partners who are in the age group from 18 to 65. Uber at present has rolled out a related and identical program in the Asian countries of Indonesia and Myanmar.

Currently, the ride-hailing service company has been involved in an intense rivalry with its arch nemesis- the homegrown Ola with regards to supremacy in the market. Ola has been backed by the Japanese conglomerate SoftBank. Uber sees the potential in the Indian nation as being one of the most important and prioritized markets. Uber reported the observation of a 115% growth in the metrics associated with completed trips operating on its platform as of July this year. This is with regards to the analysis done in the nation with relation to the past year.

The proposal related to insurance will encompass accidental death and disablement, the outpatient medical care given in the event of a mishap if the driver partner was manipulating the Uber app and in the event of being hospitalized.

Related to the occurrence of death, the coverage encompasses a sum of 5 lakhs. For permanent disablement, it varies up to 5 lakhs and in the case of hospitalization, it stands at 2 lakhs, where it is associated with a sub-limit of up to 50,000 Rs related to taking care of an outpatient.

In addition to its insurance schemes, the ride-hailing giant has launched new attributes like pause requests and a brand new live chat feature which augments the driver-partners experience and association with the service provided.

The head of Uber India Mr. Pradeep Parameswaran quoted that all the ventures related to the revolutionary ideas and collaborations signify that Uber is keeping its ears open to what the driver -partners need and desires. Further efforts are made to ascertain that Uber is not only the appealing and fascinating service but also that it evolves to be the most preferred option.

Uber’s collaboration with ICICI Lombard ascertains a safety net for its driver-partners who are an integral component related to the brand’s progress forward he added.

Pradeep also revealed the news that Uber has changed its driver support hours to a total of 18 hours which is from 6 AM in the morning till the clock chimes at 12 AM-midnight. This is an increase from the standard 12 hours with which it was associated namely from 8 AM to 8 PM. In addition, the time during which the services are needed in case of emergencies or crisis is from 12 AM to 6 AM

In addition to this Uber has joined forces with AISECT to roll out an experimental scheme which involves generation of WhatsApp activated modules so that the drivers are inculcated with basic English language and related interaction skills. This is implemented so that the driver base can proportionately enhance their ratings and reviews from the user base manipulating the platform.