David Richter’s view behind seeing the potential of Uber India

The Indian nation features to be a top market related to Uber and the prospects are not affected by the changes associated with the top positions. David Richter who is the SVP of Business at Uber noted many points when he was interviewed where he mentioned that Uber India has chances to surpass the home market of the brand. Enlightenment was also given as to the integration of Unified Payments Interface and how it could have a wider reach on the other markets with which Uber is associated.

The purpose of integration and association with UPI is because the government has handled it well and this will pave way for a major move from cash to cashless payments and UPI could have a widespread reach even more than how people expect it to be. It is mutually beneficial for the rider base the driver-partners and the nation along with the brand. The users irrespective of the bank account which they feature, if they manipulate the aspect of UPI this will surely pave way for a cashless transaction world.

India has also been an effective testing ground for Uber. The association of Uber with India is much bigger than how it can be comprehended and at present featured are 9.4 million weekly trips with the help of 2,50,000 driver partners as well on a weekly timeframe.

Featured in India are over 1000 employees associated with Uber and this is bound to grow and over the last year, it has enlarged by 115% with no signs of hindrances. He added that additional focus is given to the nations of India, Mexico, and Brazil which have experienced rapid growth.

Regarding India surpassing the United States in terms of market, he noted that the probability is high as signified by the trips made and the scope which Uber provides with respect to the potential in the Indian market.

Related to Uber India’s challenge with respect to the grumblings of the driver partners where the fare was increased in response and being questioned on how it will affect the industry, he noted that the brand is all set on providing great opportunities for them integrated with safety features. In order to make the rider base and the driver-partners happy, with regards to safety and reliability talks were on with the ruling bodies, the private parties and the such along with the focus on various payment options.

In order for Uber to be more sustainable in the future, there should be less dependence on the incentive framework and attention should be given to driver partners being rewarded appropriately for their work. The focus must also be given to exploiting the latest trends in technological innovation where the driver partners associated with the brand will have incessant usage which if greater will make them offer their services even more efficiently and better.

He concluded by noting that the Indian market is enlarging by bounds and strides with relation to progressive growth and that the brand is very much committed to being associated with the country.