A Brief Explanation Regarding The War Between Uber And Lyft Post The #deleteUber Agitation

The Uber brand can now heave a sigh of relief as its association with controversies which rocked it ever since the beginning of what could be its most unfortunate year. The issues which shook it to the core was made to inception with the #deleteUber campaigns which took place in January of this year and it was succeeded by turmoils at the executive level accompanied by a currently prevailing shareholder controversy as well.


However, the good news according to the latest statistics reveals that the ride-hailing service valued at $69 billion worth is showing some promising positive news regarding its position and operation in the United States.

In the American country, the prospects associated with the foundation of Uber’s enterprise faced a surge in growth by 15 % when taking into account the timeframe between March and September. This was revealed by Second Measure, a brand which specializes in analyzing credit card statistics.


The growth was featured after a list of more than 400,000 Uber riders abandoned Uber and deleted their accounts associated with the company stemming from the effects of the #deleteUber campaign which was responsible for a big dip from an enterprise point of view.


The sales related to the Uber brand faced a steady and gradual growth which was still less when evaluated with its chief rival Lyft. The latter registered an astounding 33% augmentation of sales when the analysis was done in the same time frame as associated with that of Uber.


Based on the reliable news, Lyft which is still yet to make a mark as a well thriving venture in America has taken up the steps related to the expansion of its services in over 160 new cities and it presently functions in an excess of 360 metropolises. Furthermore, not a while ago it achieved the milestone of 1 million rides on a daily basis related to a yearly run rate comprising of 350 million miles.


Speaking about its rival Uber, it has taken up a serious approach and stand with regards to expansion both in the United States and several international cities as well. Uber already accomplished the objective of featuring more than 1 million miles on a daily basis way back three years ago.


Currently, the brand is under the control of its new CEO Dara Khosrowshashi who took up the role after the previous one Travis Kalanick stepped down amidst mounting pressure. The former is all set to revamp the entire foundation of Uber prior to it taking a public stand.


Speaking about Lyft, its market is also experiencing growth. Before the start of the year it featured less than 20 % of the market and presently it features a firm grip over 22% of the market shares. Coming to Uber when evaluated last year, it held dominance over the total ride-sharing market at an astronomical 84% and then it featured a dip in growth by 10% now presently having control over 74% of the market share in the US.


2017 was also the year which resulted in a jolt to Uber’s operating enterprise due to the problems arising in relation to its public relations. Making use of the situation, Lyft grabbed the opportunity and used it effectively to augment and enhance its business.


Featured is a wide space related to market growth in the US.

Previously in September, statistics revealed that about 10% of the US consumers availed Uber and for Lyft it was only 4% of the consumers. Another insight gained from this is that most of the people associated with ride-sharing predominantly manipulate either Uber or Lyft but never both.


In the same month, it was analyzed that the ride-hailing riders who availed Uber comprised of a staggering 71% with Lyft featured at 19%. This is an increase of 13% last December prior to the inception of the #deleteUber outcry. People who manipulated both the services comprised of only 10%.


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