A Brief Outline About The Ventures Made By Uber When It Comes To Artificial Intelligence

It seems that Uber is gaining momentum in the highly charged race related to artificial intelligence and is ensuring that it stays at the forefront related to the same.

Uber which is a leading ride-hailing giant has made great ventures related to augmenting its Artificial Intelligence development team with more people in the previous year. This was also signified from the purchase of a New York University-based aspiring startup – Geometric Intelligence. The acquisition took place in December last year. The underlying goal is to assist Uber in carrying out its ventures smartly related to rides, food delivery, automated cars. This move is a part of its approach to tackling the threat from its chief rivals Lyft, Alphabet, and Amazon.


In a move, Uber relocated the startup to its San Francisco based premises in the March of this year. After the quitting of Gary Marcus as the CEO only a few months post joining, Uber made Zoubin Ghahramani take up the seat.

After that, the lab faced a growth at twice the rate. It features about 30 people from the Uber employees base as noted by Zoubin. The crew has been well organized so that it steers clear of the prevailing issues which were encountered by the other dominating brands and enterprises.

Mr. Ghahramani noted that there were associations and communications with several brands where it was understood that the brands’ considered research as a sidelined factor and there was not much proper synchronization with the main business as well. Earlier, Ghahramani had assisted Microsoft Research and was backed up with funds by Alphabet.


In order to tackle and steer clear of the associated sidelining, Uber lab features two important aspects namely Core and Connections.

The core is related to enhancing the primary Artificial Intelligence research which is seen as a staple of several well established Artificial Intelligence groups. Speaking of the other component Connections, it deals with handling the various sectors and components of the ride-hailing giant.

To quote an instance, the lab must brainstorm a solution which is apt enough to make the functioning of Uber’s ride services operating in several cities. However, at the same time, the lab has to enlighten and elucidate details related to the time factor associated with Uber Eats service regarding cooking and delivery of the food. It also aids in enhancing the process carried out by Uber’s customer support sector distancing from manual intervention. It could also enhance the progress related to Uber’s automated car venture which is gaining steam as noted by Ghahramani.


He further added that a major part of his academics related work deal with being associated with academics by publishing work. The main thing which made him more hyped up was regarding the feasibility of featuring a spellbinding impact with regards to the future all done in a coordinated and effective way.

Simultaneously, the experts when it comes to the ride-hailing giant’s Artificial Intelligence team are streamlined and rationalized and are not involved with the other operating sectors of the brand with a noteworthy instance as associated with Pinterest.

Associated with engagement, the brand is promulgating research and previously on Friday, Uber made a move by launching its software for free related to an open source license. This was done for the first ever time.


Presently manipulating Pyro software, Uber is venturing into gauging and estimating supply and demand related to rides well in advance of some hours. The software operates with the help of PyTorch. This is an Artificial Intelligence platform which was previously open sourced by the social media giant Facebook. The software is also subject to being integrated with the financial sector of the ride-hailing giant so as to get ideas and clairvoyance related to the status of Uber’s enterprise in the subsequent months and weeks.

The underlying logic behind the operation of Uber has its inclination related to the real world instead of being associated with the software and the internet. Related to that, artificial intelligence and cognitive science features are accredited as formidable and a tough venture when evaluated with a brand which communicates with its people only through a browser and concluded with a statement outlining the intricate nature of the real world where it expands the work being carried out.


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