An Insight Regarding The Functioning Of Uber From A Rider And Driver Perspective

Although the California based company is not without issues and controversies, Uber app serves effectively when people find themselves without a car and have to make a commute. The article elucidates about Uber from a riding and driving perspective.


Initially, the user has to install the app and register with everything. For availing a ride, the destination address or a landmark close to it has to be entered.


Once that is done, the destination has to be validated and then by adding a blue pin on to the map in the smartphone, the pick-up point is determined and fixed. The details furnished as a result includes the time to reach the destination and a calculated prediction regarding the charge for the service.It is also determined based on the timing as well and the concept of surge pricing as well.



Featured for the rider base is UberX, UberXL, and UberSelect. The classification is determined by the charge and the vehicle variety. For UberX drivers, they provide services in a normal car and for UberXL, the size is bigger and for the final one, deals with luxurious cars like Mercedes-Benz and the Audi varieties.


Further classier selections include UberBlack and UberSUV and its flagship UberLux, which is featured only in some select cities globally.


For the people who are seeking economical rides and come wheelchair bound, there is a service by the name UberPool where several riders can share the same cab and ride.


However, as a word of caution, Uber says that with UberPool the users cannot find out in prior who the co-passengers are. In order to conserve money, it is not suggested to be associated with a forgettable trip.


Once a fare is selected, the user will be notified regarding the arrival of the car. The details furnished by the app for the user includes the driver details, the reviews associated with them and also details related to the car as well. And the app also calculates an estimated time by which the cab will arrive. It is evident from the car-shaped icon as displayed on the map of the app.


Irrespective of the service which the user avails, featured for all Uber rides is an app at the very top of the app which serves in indicating the progress of the ride along with the predicted and estimated time of reaching the destination. Further included is the feature to share information relative to the ride which can be displayed through other means like WhatsApp, Gmail, Facebook Messenger or by the traditional approach of using SMS.


Another feature is that Uber does not feature cash for payment and is done with credit or debit cards. Post ride, the user can rate the driver and provide tips is they like. The drivers can also rate the rider as well.


For the driver base, the app by name Uber Driver is downloaded and the related data is keyed in regarding the user and the car. Prerequisites for the same needs the driver to be 21 years old at a minimum and should possess an interstate driving license. Further, they have to be subject to verification regarding their profile as well for any instance of misdemeanors.


Uber requires the drivers to have a car of a model not earlier than 2007. The car and the driver have to be insured as well. A mandatory Uber check will scrutinize the brakes, tires, seat belts and the such.


The app can then be activated to get requests and the revenue sums up to how much distance the driver travels along with the number of rides on a daily basis. Uber will furnish the drivers with details related to when there is more demand.


However as drivers are not employed by Uber they have to deal with the expenses related to fuel, maintenance and the such.75% of the fare is for the driver base and the remaining is for Uber.


Uber Driver app features the need of data connection where almost 2 GB of data is consumed on a monthly basis.


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