Why Is an Uber Clone Invaluable for On-Demand Taxi Businesses?

effective ride-sharing impact on taxi riding business

The reason why the on-demand taxi industry is gathering huge momentum is due to the convenience that it offers. People, unlike earlier, don’t have to spend time calling agencies to book a taxi ride when. An on-demand taxi booking app accomplishes this in a matter of seconds. Business owners from all over the world are entering this domain with a customized ride-hailing app like an Uber clone.

Uber’s business model has been an outstanding success, and those who want to start a similar business want to use this model with an Uber clone app. An Uber clone is a ready-made ride-hailing solution similar to Uber. The differences are that the clone solution can get customized and white-labeled as per business requirements. Such ride-hailing solutions connect people who want a taxi business service with the people who offer that service.

In addition, an Uber clone app provides instantaneous online payment options and flexibility in choosing pick-up and drop-off locations. The Uber clone solution also provides other important information like:

  • Tracking the driver’s position
  • A pre-estimated ride fare
  • The estimated time of arrival
  • Vehicle details

These are the main reasons why online taxi booking is becoming very popular.

The big guns in this business, like Uber and Ola, are catering to the ever-increasing demand for low taxi fares and also combating traffic congestion simultaneously. The operators are integrating the ride-sharing and ride-hailing options into Uber clone app development to meet the growing trend of ride-sharing services. 

Interesting Facts Regarding the Taxi Industry

Let us look at some of the statistics related to the taxi industry now.

  • A huge influx of taxi booking apps is entering the market, and the revenue associated with these apps is forecasted to cross $133,473m by 2023.
  • User penetration is forecasted to increase from 18.1% to 19.4% in 2023.
  • The market share of Uber is said to be between 75% – 78% globally.
  • In India, Ola is the reigning on-demand taxi service business, accounting for a market share of around 58%, followed by Uber with 38%.
  • The ride-sharing market in the UK is increasing with an annual growth rate of 14.5%, and this will result in a market size of $11,841m by the year 2023.
  • The average taxi driver’s income has increased and now stands at approximately $480.

The main objective of a business entrepreneur is to create a high-revenue-making startup with less investment. This is why Uber clone script software is enticing business owners worldwide to join the on-demand taxi business. We at Uberdoo can provide you with a robust online ride-hailing service solution that will be economically priced and very lucrative.

That said, we will see the tactics needed to take care of this highly competitive industry.

Tactics to Handle the Competition and Reign Supreme in the On-demand Taxi Industry

Uberdoo is known for its powerful Uber clone script software and tactics needed for a startup to compete with giants like Uber, Ola, and Lyft. Some of the tactics integrated into Uberdoo’s clone script are listed below.

  • Unique signup options for drivers and customers to ascertain speedy onboarding.
  • Making use of visual analytics to make riders and drivers aware of the location.
  • Allowing drivers to use collapse-free booking to manage congestion-free rides.
  • Providing convenience when booking a ride and making payment for the ride.

With the help of these tactics, developing an Uber clone app is the best way for taxi services to scale up and earn great profits in the market. Uberdoo’s Uber clone app development process is economically priced, and its features will help your on-demand taxi business optimize quickly in the market.

Why Is Uber Clone App Development Extremely Beneficial For the Taxi Industry?

The business process associated with a given taxi service will be operated through the app-based management system. The taxi app must be consistently updated with the latest features and functionality to survive and keep up with the competition. Below are some reasons why Uberdoo’s Uber clone app solution is the best for your taxi business.

1. Providing Hassle-Free Access For Users

As the taxi booking app has an extremely user-friendly approach with a rich UI/UX design, the level of user count will increase automatically. This is because everything related to the app’s operation can be instantly identified at a moment’s glance.

2. In-app Chat

Riders can communicate with drivers through the in-app chat feature. After a booking is made and the driver’s information is shared, a chatbox icon will appear. With the help of this, the riders can communicate with the drivers. The admin can also reach out to the drivers through chat or call when needed.

3. Ride Scheduling

Riders can schedule rides at any time through the ride scheduler feature, where the given date and time of convenience are inputted. Rides and multiple stops during a ride also play an important role in optimizing the concept of rode-sharing where multiple riders can access the cab during a ride. The ride scheduler can also input how many riders are a part of a ride so that the total ride fare can be equally split among them.

4. SOS Assistance

All the driver’s details are uploaded to the riders through the end-user interface. Riders will have an SOS button that will share the vehicle number and location with concerned people. This includes the nearby law enforcement authorities and the pre-registered emergency contacts of the rider. Thus, riders can quickly seek the needed assistance should an emergency arise.  

5. To Enable Location-Aware Options

This handy feature in the Uber clone will allow riders to track their booked taxi when waiting for it to arrive. The drivers can follow the suggested optimized routes to pick up the riders and drop them off at the precise location.

6. Geofencing

Admins and business owners can manage and streamline the on-demand taxi business within a given location. The admin can mark-tag the area on the map where the platform will function. Ride fares can be set based on the specified locations.

7. Multiple Payment Options

With many payment options, riders can pay the ride fare digitally or manually. Net banking, eWallets, PayPal, credit/debit cards, COD, and more such payment options will entice people to use the app.

8. To Know Users’ Demands via Feedback

With the help of the ratings and review features, rider feedback is collected through the business app interface. The admin can use this information to reward the sincere drivers so that their work performance can be optimized even further.

9. Enhancing the Admin Management Process

When your new ride-hailing app is developed with the help of our Uber clone script, the admin can manage all the users seamlessly. This includes all the riders and the drivers, where their profiles are accessed and the trips get monitored frequently.

10. Sub-admins Management

The admin work can be made simpler by delegating the responsibilities to the sub-admins. The app solution will help the admins to allot roles and responsibilities to the sub-admins easily.

11. Hire More Drivers

The success of an Uber clone solution is determined by the number of drivers it consists of. With a large network of drivers, the wait time for users when booking a cab is greatly minimized. This way, the riders are kept happy, and your taxi business retains them.

12. Users and Booking Management Functionality

The admin base can manage the riders and drivers along with the bookings made by the riders. In this way, only legit people can access the platform to use it. The admin can as well monitor all the ride-related details along with the earnings management.

13. Analytics

The admin can access the earnings and other related details daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. The period and locations with the most ride requests can be identified. This will help in allocating the resources most efficiently. With this information, business owners can easily expand their business to new markets.

Ways to Generate Revenue Through the Uber Clone App Solution

Every business is created to generate revenue and satisfy customers greatly. The Uber clone script provides various ways to create revenue. The ride fare is calculated based on the base fare, cost per mile, booking fee, and cost per minute. Some of the best revenue sources include driver trip commissions, cancellation fees, and surge pricing.

The great demand for on-demand taxi booking services will add more to the revenue. With an on-demand taxi app solution created with the help of Uberdoo’s expertise, the app can gain revenue in some of the following ways: 

  • By satiating the rider’s expectations in real-time and expanding the rider base.
  • By extending the visibility of the taxi service into an even bigger and new area. 
  • By allowing the drivers to handle more trips over an optimal distance.
  • By engaging the drivers and riders with enchanting offers and revenue-gaining options.

Convincing Reasons to Choose Uberdoo For the Development of Your Ride-hailing App Solution

Round the Clock Service

Uberdoo provides the feature of 24/7/365 round-the-clock service in its ride healing app. It can handle any journey, be it emergency rides, last-minute rides, late-night travels, or long-distance trips, in a safe and risk-free format. Travelers can book rides at any time.

Transparent Price Calculator

Riders prefer the booking charges. Based on the vehicle choice, the distance traveled, and other features, the price gets calculated and displayed in detail. Based on this, the riders can opt for the service cost-effectively. Uberdoo also provides several digital modes of payment that result in confirmation of transparency. Based on this, the taxi service providers can expand their empire towards new horizons and regions.

Balancing Work Hours 

The driver base can easily set the availability based on travel bookings. With the toggle option, the app will help the drivers manage all the bookings without collapsing. The payment history, the commission details, and the number of bookings will allow the drivers to streamline the number of trip bookings. In addition, with the help of the schedule option for the riders, the drivers can manage the trip in advance. There is no overlap between trip bookings, thereby optimizing everything.

Easy-to Discover Place

With the power of GPS in the app, the drivers can easily track the rider’s location. This applies to the drop-off point as well. The optimal routes are also provided, making use of which the trip is completed in less time. More trips get completed per day, thereby optimizing productivity.

Accurate Tracking of Records

Digitally storing all the transactions and data storage will help the admin track every record accurately. Uberdoo has options for the admin to track the number of taxi trips and available taxis and also assimilate the rider requirements precisely. With all such information, the objective of optimizing services is greatly accomplished.

COVID-19 Safety Precautions

In light of the pandemic that has infected and claimed millions of lives, Uberdoo ensures a strict policy on safeguarding drivers and passengers from the highly infectious coronavirus. Heat maps will tell drivers which areas are the most badly infected. A smart “Mask-on” software for riders and drivers will ensure that masks are compulsorily worn during the trip.

The app also ensures gloves, sanitizers, and social distancing practices are implemented throughout the ride. Users will get to know the details regarding the body temperature of the drivers before the trip begins. The app will also act as a tool that speaks about the ill effects of the virus and the importance of social distancing to spread awareness among everyone using the app.


The success story of Uber has fueled the popularity of Uber clone scripts. However, Uber clone app development isn’t easy. The target audience needs to be decided along with the long-term plan and the strategy. The main features and functionality must be carefully considered as well. Integrating all the features mentioned above is key to the success of your ride-hailing solution.

If you want the Uber clone app development process to be streamlined and economical without forsaking quality of work, then you are welcome to reach out to Uberdoo. Once you share your requirements with us, we will develop the ambitious ride-hailing app solution you envisioned in a very rich manner.

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