Benefits Of Choosing Uber Clone Over Custom Taxi Booking App Development

uber clone over custom taxi booking app development

The convenience and instant services offered by mobile apps are a great boon to people all around the world. This is exactly why they prefer online taxi booking rather than going for offline services. The drastic increase in usage of smartphones and the internet is being a support for the increasing demands in the online taxi-booking market. Just for the ride-hailing segment, the total users are expected to be 1531.15 m at the end of 2023. This shows how quickly this business can bring various opportunities.

With all of this popularity, some taxi-booking applications are doing so well in the market namely Uber, Ola, Lyft, Grab, etc., Uber is the most preferred among the existing mobile apps for taxi-booking. The business model is entirely designed in such a way that it is user-friendly and easy to use. And that is the major point for businesses adopting an Uber clone for their online taxi-booking app development. 

On the other hand, many businesses are going for custom taxi-booking app development too. But going for Uber clone app development is comparatively a great choice. There are so many aspects that prove the same. Let us keep digging!

Why Custom Taxi-booking App Development is Not Beneficial?

In order to develop an on-demand taxi-booking application right from scratch, you need to nail down so many parameters. 

  • You must decide upon your business model
  • Nail down features to be included
  • Design the app from scratch
  • Document the functionalities and integrations to be done with the app
  • Test it completely

It takes a drastic amount of time to do all of this. Everything about the app must be done by you, even a small CTA must be designed, added with functions, and tested. As a whole, it becomes a headache. The time-to-market of the application might be delayed because of any big errors, unsolved operational problems, or anything else. The possibility for negative returns is high. And then you will keep spending on the taxi-booking application to make it right.

Of course, there are some benefits with the same, but it is less than the number of pain points it comes with. Given all this, a well-experienced and strategic business person will never choose custom app development and would go for clone app development.

Choosing a white-label Uber clone is the best thing you can do right now. Especially, the Uber clone Script, ZigTaxi, from Uberdoo can be customized according to your ride-hailing business needs and delivered within 3 to 7 days. Cool right? Let us know some of the benefits of the Uber clone app development services offered by our professionals. 

Benefits of Going For Uber Clone App

#1 No Chase

Gone are the days when people needed to get to the market, look for a taxi, and chase them too in an emergency. Uber clone app allows customers to get a taxi with just a few clicks using the on-demand mobile application. Since the app reflects the Uber model, users will find it familiar and easy to handle. 

#2 Private and Secure

There is no issue regarding the security factor. Once a taxi is booked through Uber clone, the driver name, id, car number, model, etc., will be received by the user which they can share with their known ones. The app is also completely tamper-proof and no information of the customer can be hacked.

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#3 24/7 Services

The Uber clone is a handy mobile app and hence accessible all the time. Availability of the services at any time needed is the most beneficial element in the taxi-booking app like Uber.

#4 Free Apps

The Uber clone app is available in both App Store and Play Store and is completely free. All the user has to do is download the app, log in easily using social media credentials, and start booking a taxi by entering the pickup and destination points. 

#5 Flexible Payment

Many taxi-booking apps are present in the market. But only Uber supports flexible payment options. It comes with payment methods such as cash, card, net banking, wallet, etc., As per their choice, the users can pay the ride fare easily. 

#6 Price Lucidity

The estimated fare, estimated arrival time, total distance, etc., everything before the ride. So, there is no price lucidity factor raising the fare or bargaining of the driver can be easily complained about using the review section.

#7 Nothing From Scratch

This is the most crucial benefit offered by the Uber clone app. You don’t have to develop anything from scratch. Everything is already readily available and all you have to do is tailor it according to your requirements. 

#8 Cost and time-efficient

Our Uber clone script is readymade, which means you have to spend minimal time in developing and including extra features, test only the new parts, and then launch in no time. This significantly reduces both development costs and development time.

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You might have got an idea from the above-mentioned points that opting for an Uber clone over custom app development is the right thing to do to improve your online taxi-booking business in no time. The White-label Uber clone solution from Uberdoo can be your cue card since we make use of the best methodologies and practices. You can also consult with our experts with a long run experience to get an idea about what suits your business the best. So, no more waiting. Tell us your requirements and we’ll offer you the solution!

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