Uber’s venture and talks to make its pilot program and related services permanent

Uber  proceeds with ‘positive discussions’ with the Transport Authority towards ascertaining a perpetual place for its pilot venture UberX

The Uber service which has been quite economically friendly has been warmly embraced by Dubai riders, the organization says, with an expansive number of rides booked from metro stations and regions where transport isn’t quite accessible originally.

The UberX venture, started in April as a three-month pilot as manaaged by the Roads and Transport Authority, keeps on being accessible in Dubai.

Related to this Anthony Khoury who is Uber’s Middle East broad director noted that UberX will stay accessible with the app as the talks are held with RTA. He also noted that the discussions are being carried out with the RTA to ascertain and solidify the fact that Uber X will transfigure from a pilot venture to a full-scale permanent working module serving to appease to its Dubai customers

He added that the outcomes of the pilot dispatch of UberX were phenomenal and amazing. It had supplemented the prevailing public transport framework where a considerable amount of rides began at and closed to an end at metro stations. He further noted that UberX took up the responsibility as a transportation means when there was a lack of alternatives in stark opposite when compared with the city’s downtown areas. He also added that UberX has served to be a good resolution in assisting to tackle congestion and encouraging the spread of public transport.

Amid the testing stages conducted in April, the service was just accessible to a select few riders who could pick affordable fares and more cheaper vehicles rather than the expensive Uber limousines.

From that point forward the brand has been made accessible to all occupants encompassing most regions of Emirates.

The organization did not disclose statistics related to the present number of vehicles that are offering the reasonable and much cheaper services. Later the demand had tripled since the dispatch seven months earlier.

Khoury noted that the reception has been marvelous and that the brand is seeing a noteworthy augmentation in the number of rides that begin and conclude at a metro station. Ever since the dispatch the demand has tripled to a massive figure and yet despite everything, it stays constrained according to its agreement with the RTA.

As per the terms of its permit with the RTA, the brand has to provide services for rates which are minimum 30%  higher than normal taxicabs.

Related to the future of its existence and service operations, the RTA did not reveal as to whether it will be perennial.

Uber has been engaged in discussions with the transport associated authorities as a progress of the city’s Vision 2021 vision and to present less expensive commute rides over the city.

UberX rider and user Shalini Dev embraced and gave thumbs up for the brand’s additional moves to mitigate commute charges. She also added that the preferred choice will be if there were good walkways from the metro station or the rollout of more buses so that in a fine day, there won’t be the need to use a cab. Any move that mitigates the fare associated with cab services is very much welcome she quoted.


According to analysis carried out in North America and Europe revealed that the ride-sharing brands mitigate the vehicle dependence and enhance public transport utilization which decongests the road and in the brief span, the brand has noted that it has seen the potential for this to be ideally occuring in Dubai.


At the point when the pilot service was launched in April, Abdulla Yousef Al Alo who is the CEO of RTA’s public transport brand noted that the news was very much motivational and awe-inspiring.

He also added that effective mobility is an integral part of every tech-savvy city and that the furnishing of monetarily friendly solutions is a fundamental component of smart mobility. The pilot will provide an economically friendly option for the Dubai citizens to move from one place to another in the city and further empower a lot of individuals to think again renounce car ownership and opting for proficient transport arrangements and resolutions which will serve effectively in the transfiguration into a satiated city he added.