Uber’s New Proposal Of Launching Bus Services in Lagos And Cairo

Uber, the US-based ride-hailing service company has refined its strategies to enhance its services in Nigeria and Egypt with the implementation of bus service.
The operating logic implies that the rider base can conserve time by waiting for their cab in a fixed location and are dropped off anywhere with respect to the fixed route which the bus us taking.


Uber is present for service in the cities of Lagos and Cairo from Nigeria and Egypt respectively.

This ambitious proposal was developed to close the void which would be generated if the Lagos State Government ceases commuter buses from plying in the city.

The idea was taken up seriously because of another issue which is related to the sink in revenue associated with the past eight months due to the rise of a rival.


Uber noted that hundreds of its drivers have left the brand for a competitor and as time proceeds, even more, drivers are lost due justifications posted by the driver base. The driver base is associated with Uber and Taxify where most of them have switched over to the competitor in the market.


Once the new proposal has been rolled out it would serve to enthrall a lot of new drivers to Uber. This is in regards to a likely scenario where the government is thinking of banning Lago’s yellow buses as revealed by the source.


Alon Lits, who is the General Manager of the brand for the Sub- Saharan African region noted that the driver base prefers to be flexible and getting revenue in a preferred way be it a full-time job or when someone wants to augment their revenues.


Lits noted that the brand pays importance regarding its association with the driver base where it is ascertained that they can perform their duties effectively by incorporating the current-most revolutionary technological ideas.


He also added that time has passed quickly where there were a lot of lessons to be enlightened with. He said that the brand is very much proud as it has progressed forwards my immense strides and is focusing on the future aspects as well.


An additional official statement from Uber’s Egyptian base noted that the region features over 90 million people which are plagued by traffic jams. The innovative proposal of Uber serves effectively in dealing with commuters numbering in about 5.2 million This is seen as several of the buses need immediate services and repairs all stemming from a train crash which happened recently costing the lives of 37 people. The nation accounted for over 14,500 crashes alone 2 years back.


Further noted was that the launch of this service will pave the way for a new era of additional and widespread expansion of Uber on the African continent. In the even the rollout is an astounding success in Egypt then it will pave way for Uber to get accustomed with other densely populated regions of Africa where the quality of public transport is very much poor.


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