About Uber’s Altercations In Several Cities Where It Operates

Uber maintains that it is a portal for communication instead of being just a taxi service. It has been embroiled in several controversies associated with lawsuits from the other drivers and the government agencies. The latest controversy was that of London government depriving Uber of its operating license in the city.


Related to some metropolises globally Uber is facing some issues and the US brand is making negotiations to facilitate its operations once more in several cities


Austin, Texas

Uber operation in Austin was stopped when the citizens should no interest to a proposal which permitted the brand to self-regulate the driver base rather than abiding by regulations related to security.

As a consequence 10,000 drivers became unemployed seeking other cities where Uber operated. But with the emergence of RideAustin service and after the backing of a political party it resumed operations

The Texas state had now the responsibility with regards to verifying the background of the drivers and in a way regulating the brand.



Two years back Uber stopped its functioning in Bulgaria due to big protests and a likely event of an unwelcome strike which would be organized by the local taxi drivers accusing that the drivers were enjoying a free reign without any legal documents.

A probe done by the government agencies resulted in imposing Uber Bulgaria with a fine of €50,000 (£44,000). along with a ban. The taxi services have to be integrated with licenses for the drivers operating on contracts hereafter it added.

A petition was filed for Uber and a vote showed that a majority of the people disapproved the ban. However, Uber has not indicated any signs of returning and taxi services like TaxiMe and Taximaxim have risen.



Coming to Denmark, the brand ceased operations in the country where it comprised of 2000 drivers and a sum of more than 300,000 rider base. It quit after the law became mandatory that associated sensors have to be integrated with the vehicles.

People against Uber noted that the brand encouraged the drivers to make a law breach related to thousands of illegal rides. Ubr City an optional service emerged to provide rides for people who are with goods just like a courier.

Uber’s Nordic spokesperson admitted that the brand made errors and that it is ready to abide by the rules which included implementation of online taxi meters and seat sensors.



A strike and accusation this April by the nation’s taxi associates made a Rome court to stop Uber app usage as it was operating with unfair competition. In May, the ban was lifted only for Uber Black Service.

However, the brand’s Uber X service and the Uber Pop app have no leniencies. Uber Italia noted that it was pleased with the decision but it requested for enhanced and updated laws so that technologies can serve to refine the people’s daily lives.



Amidst uprisings from taxi drivers from the nation, last year the government passed an order which made Uber’s future bleak in the nation. The legislation was to stop internet access for the law breaching dispatcher services. Companies against the law will be fined HUF 200,000 and a ban summing up to a year.

Manipulating the GPS technology, a startup by name Taxify has filled the void where the manipulation of company cars is associated. It will be soon followed by Hopin from Slovakia.



Uber noted that it will suspend its activities in the event if the Quebec authorities pass new laws where the Uber drivers are subject to a background check and carry out 35 hours related to training associated with the normal taxi drivers.


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