Uber’s campaigns to make it more driver friendly

Recently Uber has been on a roll related to making it driver friendly. The latest attention is given to flexibility. The brand new features were rolled out 2 months earlier mainly featuring the much-awaited tipping feature. It is currently in the third phase of the much-focused and captivating promotion.

Now the driver base has accumulated nearly $50 million so far.

When evaluated with its rival Lyft, the driver base had accumulated $250 million in tips.The feature was present since its inception 5 years back. However, for Uber, the metrics and numbers are not encompassing the tips associated with the branding and campaign carried out some weeks after the attribute was rolled out. Apart from the US, the feature is launched in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Uber is presently involved in its ventures related to a 3-month long campaign so as to regain drivers it lost to its rivals. The campaign is all set to brand and promote Uber by incorporating and emphasizing the aspect of flexibility which is considered as the most important aspect of driving.

Uber was subject to series of controversies which made such an effect on its enterprise beginning with the campaign titled #deleteUber where nearly 400,000 accounts related to Uber were deactivated.

Next, the company’s previous employee Susan Fowler had revealed regarding the harassment and the ordeal she encountered and this was accompanied with a long time of internal crisis where the Uber brand began to cede its market value to its chief rival Lyft. Previously Uber had dominance in 84% of the market share which dwindled by 7 % at present.

Related to its service in America, Uber has generated enough dominance, it becomes a difficult enterprise to tap into new pools of drivers which hold valid as the rider base prefer the platform related to which the driver base are more. In addition, the driver retention is very important.

Earlier Uber was concentrating to fix the drivers wages along with extra add-ons like paid wait times where it ascertained that the brand was dedicated to adding more worth to the time. Next, it made steps related to a major upheaval of the negatively viewed driver support system by implementing speedy fare fixes and round the clock support.

Now all its attention is on the aspect of flexibility which as aforementioned is the greatest need of the driver base. For instance, the drivers can opt for particular types of trips which they prefer. Hence the driver can decide whether they favor doing UberPool and UberX rides or carry out the service related to UberEats.

An Uber executive noted that when discussed with drivers they wanted the earnings and support features to be revamped. When questioning the drivers as to what they prefer the most it paved the way to the concept of flexibility.

The other features launched as a part of its major upgrading was the long trips notification where the driver will be alerted if a ride takes place more than 45 minutes. Previously the drivers had no way to figure out the duration of a ride before the trip was accepted. Presently the brand permits the drivers with the option as to not accept such rides

The executive noted that my giving insight to the driver about the needed data, they can make the decision to accept or reject a lengthy ride without any hassles.

Although this new roll out implies that the riders would now worry about not able to get a ride, Uber noted that the ride completion reviews were subject to great reviews and it ultimately features to be an effective ride for the rider.

He noted that the user base prefers that the driver is not grumbling and this aspect was subject to more innovativeness resulting in additional features which on roll out will please both the driver base and the rider base.

Fine tuning and tweaking have been associated with the Brand’s driver destination attribute, where the drivers can now enter a location which they want to travel to. Further, the drivers can take up rides in the direction towards the location and it comes handy when they want to call it a day and head back to their homes.

Earlier, Uber permitted the drivers to avail this feature only two times a day, but now it has been augmented to six times. Additionally, Uber is about to launch a useful feature where the driver vase can fix the time related to attaining the destination point. As the time of advent becomes much closer, the app will provide the drivers with trips which ascertain that the driver will reach the chosen destination effectively.

Other attributes include the aspect to make anyone who has other priorities or the need to pick up their kids or have to attend a scheduled event can log a considerable amount of time in hours and get incentives without having the concern for turning up late.

The above-mentioned features reveal a portal full of advantages and chances for the brand to tap into a new pool of drivers or ensure that the present drivers stay connected for a considerably longer amount of time.

To quote an instance, a parent who has been employed as a driver for Uber can invest additional time without being concerned that they will be late to pick up their kids.

The Uber executive noted that the renovation and revamping aspect associated with the brand has taken shape effectively mainly due to the 180 days of change campaign implemented by the brand. He noted that the related authorities and managers are promoting such campaigns in over 40 cities so as to enlighten the driver base regarding these useful and interactive changes. He ended by saying that the process worked well in the first two phases and that the brand assimilates reviews and feedback all directly stemming from the driver base.

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