Uber launches features which benefit the driver base

Uber is all set to launch a new product where the safety factor for the driver base is augmented especially when they are affected by long and uncertain hours of service.

The feature going by the name Share My Trip has been rolled out today and it serves as a modification which serves to satisfy a plethora of requirements and requests with the origins associated with the driver base.

The latest feature will be launched in some 140 of the total 600 + cities where Uber has based its position in. The driver base can now send the car’s present location to their concerned people with the help of the app or via th manipulation of social media platforms like WhatsApp and the such. By the fall of this year, the feature will be launched in every city where Uber operates.

Uber executive Kate Parker on an interview with USA TODAY revealed that the company has ensured that on a worldwide scale the driver base can now effectively inform their loved ones about where they are located presently.

Further, embarking on the same concept, the drivers also wished for the concerned people to know whether they were busy in service at the moment or out on a break.This was done so that the drivers did not receive any calls while at work excluding the scenario if it was an emergency situation.

To start and enable the feature, the driver base can click on a sharing function located inside the app. Next, a contact list of the device is generated where the concerned people are chosen and once done they are notified regarding the driver’s present whereabouts and can monitor the driver’s current status.

Uber was earlier in the bad picture for not paying attention to the outbursts of its drivers. Now at present, the company is making strides to create a good bond between the drivers comprising of 2 million who are an integral part and backbone of the company.

When considering some time back, the former CEO and co founder of Uber- Mr. Travis Kalanick was photographed being involved in reprimanding a driver. Now in a turn of events, the company is indicating that it shows priority for the driver base associated with the brand.

Another feature which has been launched is the implementation of standards and guidelines related to a new rider ID. This feature has been targetted in the foreign markets especially for the cases where some rides are paid with cash rather than digital payment.The rider base can now authenticate their identities with the help of their social accounts like Facebook mainly aimed to mitigate the aspect of fraudulent activities and deceptions and to promote driver safety.

Further steps are taken to enhance the most current Driver Injury Protection Insurance which is backed by the insurance broker Aon. This aims to be advantageous for the driver base in compensation of uncredited revenues associated with disability and also covers survivor and accident medical benefits. This is made effective across the United States and in many regions of its worldwide market reach.

It is to be noted that these advancements are separate from the 180 Days of Change branding associated with the company which is hardly three months old. The latter serves to put a smile on the faces of the drivers making them content and satisfied in their service.

The initial venture associated with this campaign made way for the aspect of tipping drivers which was a common association with its arch rival Lyft, an helpline which is operated by human staffs. The latest update was the feature to confirm destination places in advance so that the driver base gets more rides in the areas where they want to travel for private and personal factors and work.

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