The key to building a successful food ordering empire like UberEats and Zomato

Online food ordering and delivery has become integral to our lifestyle. More and more food ordering/delivery apps are jumping into the fray, and a significant reason why this business sector is hugely successful is that there is a variety of restaurants to choose from along with the comfort and user-friendliness that is offered.


One research revealed that 87% of people loved using food ordering/delivery mobile applications.


By the end of this year, it has become clear that this booming business sector will be valued at a large USD 32 billion and the yearly growth rate is predicted to attain the figure of 9.3%.


You must make sure to implement the below steps if you are starting a successful food ordering/delivery business similar to UberEats.


  1. Partnering with eateries in the neighbourhood


The first move is to partner with eateries in your locality and make them understand how advantageous is the importance of food ordering/ delivery service for their business. It will prove to be a win-win situation for you and the eateries as the latter get more customers via your mobile app. It results in higher income for both of you. Thereby, as a consequence, if a more significant number of customers come to a given eatery, then it will be featured at the top of the results when searched.



  1. Implementing Commission Rates


It is best setting feasible commission rates than all the giants in the market that includes UberEats, Food Panda and Zomato to compete with them and enhance your food ordering/delivery business. With this, you will get an influx of eateries associated with your business.



  1. Pick Up Option


This feature is essential because there is a set of people who would like to order the food through your app and prefer to pick up food by themselves rather than opting and paying for home delivery.



  1. Implementing SEO


With the power of Search Engine Optimization, you can enlarge the visibility of your business among people in a given area who are on the lookout for food. It will also act as a portal for everyone to know all about the discounts and offers you are providing.



  1. Technology utilized


Using state-of-the-art technology for your food delivery mobile app aptly will help in enhancing the platform with the best features and outstanding user experience.



  1. Focusing on given areas


An advantageous and essential strategy is to concentrate on areas where giants like UberEats and Zomato have not conquered. Targeting such areas will help very much in optimizing your food ordering/delivery business. With the reputation, you have gathered in that zone; you can concentrate on expansion to other areas.



Listed below are some essential features of an UberEats clone solution.


(i) Smart Fare Estimation


The Fare estimator feature will let the users make food orders based on their budget. The users can view the ordered food item along with its pricing and the total amount of the food being ordered. They also have the option to remove a given food item from the list.



(ii) Multiple Languages


The multi-language feature will help a lot in making the users understand more about the application in their comfortable language.


(iii) Push Notifications


Such Notifications will serve a great deal in optimizing the user experience when it comes to the status of their orders. The users will get updated when the order is accepted by the restaurant when the delivery professional is assigned, when the order is ready and when the delivery executive begins the ride to get the food delivered.



(iv) Real-Time Tracking


This feature helps the customer base in getting the current location of the delivery professional. Thanks to this feature, the users can take care of other pressing matters and return when the delivery personnel is about to arrive at their doorsteps.



(v) User-Friendly


Due to the direct and understandable process flow, anyone can order food via the UberEats clone with relative simplicity. People love online food ordering/delivery services because everything is very straightforward.




The food ordering/delivery business is presently at its zenith, and this trend will continue ahead in the far future. Now, is the best time to begin a lucrative online food ordering/delivery business. If you are on the quest to get food delivery mobile app developed, you can save a lot of time and effort by buying the powerful and meticulously designed UberEats clone script from Uberdoo.


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