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Super Apps are the talk of the town these days in the World on-demand app market where Uber  and  UberEats are dominating the market. They can encompass more than 50 on-demand services and are gradually expanding their services from the East to the West.


If you want to capitalize on this opportunity with a Uber for X, then continue reading ahead.


The Super Apps had their humble beginnings by offering only single services like ride-hailing and social messaging. With digital payment systems coming into the picture, they embraced the power of in-app wallets, and they began to pave the way for providing several third-party services, thereby completing their evolution as a multi-service app now.


Implementing several on-demand services alone will not work- The app design must be enthralling and should offer the simplicity to optimize the user experience and usability.


When we want to know how the Super Apps achieved such unprecedented success in Asia, it can be attributed to the following reasons.


  • Mobile First users:


Smartphones and the Internet gained significant prominence in the last decade, and such smartphones offered portability where everyone could connect with applications. And the power behind having an app that provides innumerable services soon found its importance.


  • Population:


On-demand apps are flourishing in the Asia-Pacific region where nations like China and India constitutes for population numbering in the billions. The abundance of smartphones, along with the economically priced Internet service providers, helped a great deal in the success of Super Apps.


  • Digital Payments:


Thanks to the advent of e-wallets, the triumphant reign of Super Apps got boosted further ahead. WeChat Pay and AliPay are notable exemplars of digital payment platforms that occupy a niche position in the Asian geographical region.


Now to answer whether the West has not yet recognized the power of Super Apps, let’s see in detail.


It is evident that both Facebook and Uber are busy in getting services aggregated, and this is an instance of the rise in encompassing many services under a single roof. Facebook is conceptualizing to get a Super App launched and mandatory for this is a collaboration with third-party services. When we speak about On-demand available service apps, there is a complication where users must remember a lot of usernames and passwords which will make the user engagement rates to see a decline. Such apps also can’t be a success if the users avail them once in a long time. This is where Super Apps can make their presence felt powerful.



If you want to take a plunge into the on-demand app market with a Super App, there are some things to keep in mind which includes a lot of concentration in working on the app’s back end when we speak about user privacy. It would be best if you also took care of the regulatory frameworks when it comes to building the Super App that should get launched in the US and the European Union.


Now, what exactly are the advantages that a Super App brings?


You can retain users who are on the lookout for single services be it booking a cab, bill payment, grocery purchase and food delivery. A super app can take care of everything for you, and you can encapsulate a vast user base. Further, these super apps can optimize their economic value, and they will feature a massive Average Revenue Per User or ARPU. Also, at present users are inclined with the customization, and there is the rapid growth of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. With such lots of user data, it provides scope for customization and thereby, you can gain enlightenment regarding the customer trends.


The Future of Super Apps


There is a lot of untapped potential in the business of Super Apps or Multi-Service Apps. It can help you in gaining the upper hand to explore densely populated regions and to compete with the key players in the individual sectors.


One benefit of Super Apps is streamlining everything in a given region where you can satiate the local people and in turn, reap significant profits. You must conduct a lot of research and analysis on the customer needs with which you can optimize the performance, the app visibility and subsequently the income.





The Super Apps are facing a tremendous explosion in growth and fame which is increasing with time, and they have a great future in the US as well as the European markets. You can make the best use of this opportunity by building a Uber for X and entering the competition in style.


To get such a Super App which is capable of handling colossal user traffic and one which abides with the market-specific back-end protocols, you can approach the team at Uberdoo immediately. We have a robust Uber for X which can handle 50+ services and is highly customizable as well. To know more visit




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