The benefits of launching an UberEats clone at present

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill which has brought about severe consequences for people both professionally and personally. Employees see a huge increase in their anxiety levels, and the engagement rates of employees also don’t have any good news.


Businesses sensing the grim situation have tried to develop new programs to optimize employee morale. One notable exemplar is Fringe which has provided personalization options to help employees avail services like Instacart, Netflix and UberEats.

UberEats, Grubhub and other food delivery apps have bridged both the people and eateries and now business owners want to integrate food delivery platforms with their benefit ecosystem.

We will see why we should feature an UberEats clone in these tough times.


  • Enterprises are saving a lot

Nowadays, the typical office is filled with webinars and video-conferencing tools, and this is very much economic factoring for saving a great deal of money. For improving the community culture, employers can spend a part of their savings in boosting employee morale and spirits.


  • Employee plunge in productivity

For the success of an enterprise, one should pay greater importance to both employee engagement and retention. Although this pandemic era paved the way for Work from home approach, it soon became plagued with stress, depression and other negative effects. This can prove to be very detrimental to the productivity of the respective company. Therefore, this has to be addressed with top priority.

A recent survey revealed that nearly 50% of all employees faced depression and anxiety ever since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Thus, employers must act soon to provide the corrective measures for this problem.


  • Personalized benefits are useful


It is of absolute importance that all the employers must offer a lot of personalized benefits to help the employees during this time. The aforementioned online platform Fringe helps in offering the same seeing that the prosperity and welfare of the employees are very important.

There was a huge increase in the user base of Fringe ever since the pandemic began. On-demand services provided via mobile apps are very good when it comes to providing employee benefits. Let’s see some news regarding the same.


  • Fringe saw a 500% rise in food delivery services particularly including the likes of UberEats and Grubhub.
  • There has been an upsurge in the popularity of Instacart and Shift.
  • Fringe experienced a huge increase in demand for entertainment apps like Netflix.
  • Mental Health Resources of Fringe that include the likes of Headspace and Talkspace saw the demand for them booming.


  • The rising demand for food delivery services

Food is a basic essential for life, and at present, a lot of people, including professionals, are confined to their homes craving for delicious and mouth-watering food. The restaurants are also affected by this unforeseen catastrophe as several governments have banned dine-ins. The need of the hour is to create an online platform that acts greatly to bond the restaurants and the hunger craving people.

This is where an UberEats clone can be used to leverage the present situation and act as a win-win situation for both the customers and the eateries. That will be discussed next.


  • Businesspeople leveraging smartly

A food delivery platform acts as a portal for providing several business opportunities. Collaborating with enterprises to satiate the employee’s hunger pangs and food cravings is a benevolent approach. Further, a smart entrepreneur can partner with eateries as well. All this leads to the establishment of a platform where the customer base can seamlessly order their desired food from their favourite eateries.


This COVID-19 Era is the right time and opportunity to launch an Uber Eats clone which is ascertained of great success and profits.




The present situation needs a lot of fine-tuning and refinements to return to a state of normalcy. Seeing the potential of food delivery services, they are mandatory for employee benefits and are too alluring and attractive to resist.


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