The essential features of an Uber Clone Apps

Uber is seen as a pioneer in on-demand taxi booking services, and it is now operating in more than 900 metropolitan areas around the world, with more than 110 million users who are active monthly. Known for its innovation in ride-hailing it has branched out to provide services related to online food delivery, freight transportation and courier delivery to name a few. The Uber app plays an important role in satiating both the rider/passenger and the driver’s needs and requirements. Last year alone, it generated massive revenue that was US$14.147 billion. As a notable exemplar that has acted as an inspiration for start-ups and other enterprises in developing Uber clone Apps, this article will throw light on the main features that made it an instant success. So let’s dive into detail regarding them now.



This is an integral part of every ride-hailing app where the user can schedule a ride in advance, and he/she can book rides based on the vehicle as well with inputs being the time and location.




This feature will help in attracting a lot of people towards the mobile app, and it provides discounts for both the driver base and the rider base as well.




The passengers can make use of this feature to enthral their friends to use the app. As an incentive, the riders are credited with the money. This will also help in enthralling more people towards the app, thereby proving mutually beneficial for the riders as well as the admins.



With this feature, the admin can easily search for the location of a given driver where the input for the search includes vehicle type, driver name and the location. Once that is done, the driver’s current location is accessible to the admin. This will serve effectively in cases of emergencies.



As a feature that helps in gaining insight regarding the regions where there is the greatest number of driver and rider based activities, the heat map will guide the admin to research and pinpoint places that speak of bustling activities. Such areas are located in the colour orange.



An integral feature of a ride-hailing app, it will calculate the total fare for the ride by calculating the distance between the pick-up and drop-off points. It will help the passengers to know the fare details well in advance before the trip actually commences. As an innovation, the admin can increase the price for the ride based on the peak hours, the traffic, waiting for charges and other details related to the ride.



This is a security feature that is of vital importance for every ride-hailing app solution. It will help in maintaining the privacy of the riders and the drivers by masking both their phone numbers.



Here, using this feature, the riders can share their ride with more people. With this the fare is split equally among every rider and in turn this saves them a lot of money. Another positive effect of this feature is that it leads to a reduction in pollution, the taxi fare and the associated toll fees.



This is important for the admin as based on the feedback (rating and review) of both the riders and the drivers; they can improve the services. Should a driver have negative feedback, the admin can take steps to ban that particular driver from the ride-hailing app.




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