Start your Online Taxi Booking business with Uber Clone

taxi booking business with uber clone

Establish an On-demand Taxi Booking Business with Uber Clone

With the transportation industry making huge strides in recent times, Uber Clone has earned its popularity as a solution for a taxi app that meets end-to-end taxi business needs. The online users looking for taxi app services have increased hugely because of their booking comfortability. Uber Clone App is the right choice for building an online taxi booking platform to survive the cutthroat competition in the ride-hailing industry.

Custom Apps Vs. Uber Clone

The smartest move to excel in the online taxi business is to make use of a comprehensive clone solution of a popular taxi booking platform. This lets you build your taxi-booking app solution with customized add-on features quickly and effectively. To build a custom taxi-booking app from scratch is a tedious process. 

On the contrary, you can achieve the same by building a feature-rich clone solution that can also be altered in the future based on the varying audiences and the requirements. And of all clone solutions, Uber Clone is the best choice since it inherits the best-in-class features from the most renowned Uber taxi-booking platform.

To establish and grow your online ride-hailing business multi-folds, there are some factors to be noted and techniques to be followed to shine in this profit-making industry. Let us look into some key ideas and factors that help you launch your online taxi business with Uber Clone Script aligning with the market trends.

User Ends Inculcated in an Uber Clone Script

Uber Clone Scripts allow customization changes specific to the business requirements. It includes modules for three different user ends with their own key features.

The following are the user ends associated with Uber Clone.

1. Customer Application

The customer-end application allows the customers to have an enhanced cab-booking experience which is imparted with extensive features that support the ease of use of the customer.

2. Driver Application

To view and manage the ride requests effectively, the drivers or the riders are provided with the driver-end application.

3. Admin Panel

The taxi-booking application’s overall working and operations can be managed in one place by the admin using the admin-end application or the admin panel.

Fascinating Features

To make the processes involved in the application more convenient for all the user-ends, multiple features are added in the application for each user-end in order to fulfill the preferred requirements of the users.

1. Customer Application

  • Social Login

The customer can easily sign up or login into the application using their existing social media credentials. Also, they log in using their emails and phone numbers.

  • Push Notifications

Customers will be notified with ride details such as driver location, driver contact details, ride arrival time, car number, model of the cab, and many more.

  • Real-time Tracking

This feature allows the customers to live track the location of their assigned driver. Any information related to the ride can also be tracked using real-time tracking.

  • Fare Calculator

The estimated fare for the booked ride according to the traffic and diversions in places can be viewed by the customer.

  • Wallet Integration

The customers can store their cash in online wallets and make instant ride payments easily.

  • Multiple Payment Gateways

By choosing any of the available payment options such as card payment, wallet payment, COD, etc., the customer can pay for the ride.

  • Promo Code

By applying valid promo codes, the customer can pay discounted ride fares.

  • Rate and Review

The service provided by the driver and the taxi application can be rated and reviewed by the customer.

2. Driver Application

  • Profile Verification

The driver can register in the application to get ride requests. For the same, the documents that are needed for verification have to be uploaded. After the admin verifies and approves the documents, the driver starts getting ride requests.

  • Request alerts

The driver gets ride requests, ride updates, invoices, and their ride statuses as alerts.

  • Accept/Reject Ride Request

The customer’s location, destination location, customer contact details will all be received by the driver once the customer books a ride. The received ride request can be accepted or rejected by the driver according to their convenience. 

  • Route Navigation

The integration of route navigation maps and systems helps the driver to reach the exact location of the customer and drop the customer at the destination place within time by taking the best-suggested routes.

  • In-app Chat/Call

This feature lets the driver interact with the customer regarding ride-related queries or details.

  • Estimated Ride Fare

The estimated ride cost can be known by the driver before accepting the ride request.

3. Admin Panel

  • User management

The admin can get a detailed view of the customers’ contact details, trip histories, feedbacks, and so on.

  • Driver Management

Drivers associated with the application, their contact details, ride details, and ratings can be viewed and managed by the admin.

  • Promo Code Management

The admin can create promo codes and offer them to the customers as discounted rides or even free rides.

  • Report Generation

A detailed report of the analytics for rides, payment histories, total trips, and many more can be generated and viewed by the admin.

Factors to be Considered to Maintain a Competitive-edge in the Taxi Booking Business

To launch your taxi-booking business and to stay ahead of the competition in the industry, there are certain factors that are to be considered. Let us dive deep into each of those vital factors.

1. Online Presence

A powerful digital presence acts as a powerful promotional tool for your brand. It is essential to build a unique online taxi-booking platform and boost up your app utilization among the users through enhanced brand awareness and promotions.

2. Develop Customer Loyalty

Take the customers’ reviews and needs into serious consideration. This hugely helps you improve your business strategies and scale your business growth. To enhance customer retention/loyalty, ensure to give the best customer experience and services in your application.

3. Competitors Research

To make your taxi business application stand unique from the other competitors, perform researches and understand your competitors and their strengths. This will definitely be a sure-shot helping line for you to take some important decisions regarding your online taxi-service business development.

4. State-of-the-art Tech Usage

Leverage highly advanced technologies and utilize them to the very best of your extent in the ride-hailing platform. This is a key venture to amaze your users and retain them for a longer period of time.

5. Ensure Customer Safety

Provided the COVID situation, people prioritize safety over money. So, focus on inculcating multiple security options in your application to ensure a safe ride and build trust among your customers.

6. Smooth Interactions

By integrating internal messaging or call systems with masked numbers, you can pave way for a smooth and safe interaction between the customer and the driver. This seamless communication helps both the customer and the driver to get clarity over ride-related queries.

7. Personalized User Experience

Personalized notifications can be sent to the user according to their app usage. Also, the users can be let store their previously traveled locations, therefore they don’t need to reenter the details again.

8. Impart Distinct Features

To showcase your app differently from the normal taxi-booking apps, it is essential to include striking features in your application. Features such as ride history, payment gateways, Google Maps, easy signup, ride-sharing, etc., can standardize your taxi-booking application’s experience from the rest.

Wrap up

The taxi-booking app business has become more competitive to the newcomers. However, since Uber Clone resides on everyone’s wishlist, nothing can stop you from staying in the lead of the competition. To build an optimal taxi-booking app that best suits your business needs, Uber Clone Script is the best solution with its unrivaled performance and innovative features. Looking for building an apt Uber Clone solution for your business? Uberdoo is a call away to discuss your ride-hailing business app ideas. Reach our expert team and kick-start your taxi-app clone project today!

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