Principal Features of Our Uber Clone Script

Smooth Login

The app lets users log in through it easily by entering their mobile number or email ID or even better by selecting any of their existing social media accounts.

Estimated Time

Users can view the real-time location of the driver and get to know about the rough estimation of their time of arrival based on the proximity to their location.


In the event of an emergency, the users can send an alert to their saved contacts and the nearest law enforcement officers with just a click of the button.

Ride Scheduling

Not just on-demand requests, but with this advanced feature, the users can efficiently schedule their rides for the future at their convenience. And at the scheduled time, the ride requests will be triggered to the nearest drivers.

Trip History

The app affirms complete transparency by showcasing every ride completed along with their details like fare, time, date, etc.

Payment Methods

For ensuring fast, convenient, and secure payment to the users, the app comes with multiple payment gateways, and cards, and other digital payments options.

Favorite Location

Users can make use of this remarkable feature to save the location that they visit frequently for instant bookings and avoid entering the same location time and time again.

In-app Chat/Call

To offer utmost convenience while still protecting privacy, we have integrated the advanced feature, where users can chat with the drivers or call them for clear communication, whenever the need arises.

Estimated Cost

Once they punch down the pickup and drop locations, the users will get to know the estimated fare for their rides. This way, they can select any ride from the variants well suited for their budget.

Review And Rating

After the ride completion, the riders can provide a rating and feedback related to the experience. This way, it will be helpful for improving the app’s quality and for other riders too.

Easy Registration

Drivers can add the necessary information about their experience and the vehicle in the shortest period of time.

Availability Toggle

Drivers can mark themselves online or offline by switching the toggle, based on their availability.

Accept/Reject Request

The app allows drivers to accept or decline a ride request within a limited time frame according to their convenience.

Route Navigation

With the app’s smart route GPS navigation, the drivers could reach the user’s pickup and drop location on or before the estimated time.

Trip Details

Drivers get all the essential information about their users for a smooth pick up and drop.

Start/End Trip

The drivers could update the status of their rides by marking it as start or end to get the bill generated.

Track Earnings

Drivers could view the entire job history, the number of rides they have completed, their daily earnings, etc., from a single tab.

Rate User

Just like the users, drivers can also get an option to rate their rides and flag any customer for their unpleasant behavior.

Admin Panel


Get a clear holistic view of all the operations and performance of your taxi booking business from a single panel.

Manage Drivers

You can update, edit or manage the number of drivers associated with your app while also reviewing sign-up requests, set their commission rates.

Manage Users

Manage and update users with having access to the overall trip history of every user with their individual details.

Update Terms & Conditions

As an administrator, you can have the upper hand over updating the app and panel usage policies whenever the situation calls for it.

Multiple Countries

Our taxi booking app like Uber is the best solution for scaling your venture to various countries. You can add more than one country and make yours a global venture.


To know well about your business progress with the app, you can check out the detailed analytics report of all canceled and completed trips, payments, total trips, and many more on a monthly or yearly basis.

On-demand Features We Can Integrate
into the Uber Clone for You

Car Rental

Open up new revenue streams of your taxi business by introducing rental services. Allow the users to book a can for the whole day and prevent them from the hassle of booking a ride several times.

Number Masking

Maintain the privacy and security of the users’ details with the call masking feature. With this integrated into your app, the important details of driver and rider cannot be seen by each other and you can successfully avoid any breach of privacy.

Split Fare

Enrich the taxi booking experience of your users by allowing them to share the ride costs with their friends or colleagues for any shared trips with a few taps on the Gettaxi app.

Surge Pricing

Capitalize on the peak hours and days of higher demand by introducing the concept of a price hike. Choose and update the peak hours of the day and type of vehicle from your admin panel.

Referral Campaign
Referral Campaign

Augment your business reach by inspiring your users to share your app on their social media accounts and offer them rewards through the referral codes.

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What Do We Provide in
Our App Package?

Free app
Android/iOS app
Android/iOS app
100% source

Why choose Uberdoo?

  • Performance scalability
  • Round-the-clock support
  • An app exclusively for your business
  • Proficient developers
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Our Uber Clone
App Development Process

Requirement Challenge Understanding

Requirement analysis

The process starts with our team summarizing your app requirements followed by a feasibility study that will be carried out by a BA, System Architect, and UX design. They conceive the idea and empathize with the end-users.

Tech Solution Consultation


Once the requirements and business goals are defined, our software architect will engineer the system architecture by choosing the right tech stack and tools necessary for your project. This is when we will prioritize with you the features and milestones for a clear roadmap and will create wireframes.

Consistent Delivery


Our designers’ team will inculcate design thinking to make the app’s look and feel both appealing to you and your end-users. All the designs are purpose-driven to become that one-stop-shop for all their problems.

Scale Up


Our developers will constantly review the design decisions to ensure that it well solves its purpose. We keep the development life cycle shorter while on the flip side increase the development productivity. Our steps involve aligning the roadmap with a working software delivered at the end of every cycle.

Scale Up


To deliver you only reliable and sturdy software, we test the application at all stages during the development phase. Our testing finally results in making the app work seamlessly on all devices, and screens.

Scale Up


Before the app goes live, we always suggest launching an MVP to your closed group of potential customers, in order to know about any unplanned use cases and minor bugs. Once they get reported, our team will fix them right then and there and make them suitable for the official public release.

Frequently Asked Questions

Being a white-label solution, you can customize our app solution to any degree to meet the specific needs of your business, starting from feature integrations to rebranding it. In a nutshell, you get a tailored solution that puts your business at the front and center.

Yes. If you like to integrate a local payment gateway of your choice apart from what we offer, we can also deliver your integration services.

Yes, the source code we provide is flexible, adaptable and 100% unencrypted source code, which you can customize to your requirements.

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