Requirements for launching a successful ride-hailing mobile app solution

Uber has become synonymous with taxi booking. Having its inception in 2009, the ride-hailing giant has paved the way for taxi rides to be secure, affordable and most importantly, comfortable.


This article will provide enlightenment for those who want to launch a ride-hailing mobile app and achieve massive success concerning profits.

We will begin by seeing some facts related to the taxi booking business: –

(i) Uber-like apps account to 70-75% of the entire taxi booking business.

(ii) Uber’s value in 2018 amounted to a staggering $72 billion.

(iii) An average of 47 million taxi trips takes place each day across the globe. By the next decade, this will increase to 97 million.

(iv) This ride-sharing market is predicted to have a CAGR of 19.87% between 2018 and 2025. And by 2025, it will reach a value amounting to an immense $218 billion.


These facts are enough to show that the taxi booking market is facing a huge boom when it comes to profits and demand. You can take a plunge into this business with an Uber clone.

The rule of thumb when it comes to taxi app is that there is a need for a digital platform to connect the rider base and the drivers. For achieving this, there is a need for three separate networks which are a User App, a Driver App and an Admin Panel.

These are the main pillars when it comes to taxi booking app development.

Now, how does one enthral people to use this platform? The answer is through vibrant UI/UX design and amazing application-related features. When it comes to income generation, it is wise to consider the revenue models in prior so that you don’t put a strain on your coffers in the future.


Therefore, it is imperative to streamline everything which will prove to be very beneficial when it comes to app development.

Now comes the most crucial step in mobile app development, which is choosing the best choice for app development.

You have to opt for how exactly you can transfigure your vision into a mobile app. The best ways are:


(i) Building from scratch: This is recommended if you have an exhaustive knowledge related to the taxi application segment.It relates to thorough research regarding the market and the competitors before availing an app development company. The hurdles related to this option include the cost and time consumed.

(ii) Clone app solutions: To immediately launch your taxi app, it is best to avail a 100% customizable and white labelled clone from app development companies. The Rider app can be customized with modifications, and you can enter the market without any problems. It is an economical solution, and it consumes only less time.


Now, irrespective of the choice that you make, this digital platform must be exclusive and offer something unique so that it stands out from the rest of the competitors in the market. The UI and features should help the user to book taxis and thus helping you in generating income. Thereby, let’s speak about the features and traits of your app.

Features of User app:


  • Simplified registration through emails, mobile numbers or other social media accounts
  • A smart fare calculator
  • Estimated Time of Arrival Calculator.
  • Instant and advanced booking.
  • A real-time tracker to track the drivers as they arrive for pick-up.
  • Push Notifications to provide updates related to the rides and offers/ discounts on a timely basis.
  • Digitally secured payment options including credit/debit cards, eWallets etc
  • A rating and reviews section.


Features of Driver app:


  • Toggle feature for the drivers to switch between their availability status.
  • Accept/decline feature for the riders to accept or reject a given ride request.
  • A dashboard for the drivers that give insight related to their earnings on a daily. Weekly/monthly basis.
  • Push Notifications to update the drivers related to user requests.


Advanced features include booking for family relations or friends, favourite destinations, an SOS Button for the users in case of emergency or some unexpected situation and splitting the ride fare equally during ride-sharing.


Income generation for your business

A prominent benefit when it comes to having a ride-hailing app for your business is that income can be generated from several options that include:


(i) Commission Fees

(ii) Subscription Plans

(iii) Surge Pricing

(iv) Ad charges




For the success of a ride-hailing mobile app, it is wise to choose the best mobile app development company. If you need a powerful taxi booking application to be developed in the shortest time, you can approach the reliable team at Uberdoo which has an all-encompassing knowledge regarding the taxi business market. We develop economical solutions that speak of high performance and rich features. Our solutions will help you to achieve instant success.


Reach us out at, and we will be glad to hear your app-related visions and before transforming them into a powerful ride-hailing app solution.




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