What are the safety-oriented features of an UberEats clone

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought about negative consequences for many business sectors across the world with one of them being the restaurant business. They have seen a significant drop when it comes to sales and revenue. For staying afloat, some big restaurant franchises have embraced the concept of delivery and takeaway. It is carried out to stop the menace of the contagion and maintain good sales. The idea of safe food delivery is beneficial in connecting people and their favourite restaurants.


Several food delivery mobile applications, including the likes of UberEats and JustEat, are collaborating with eateries to provide risk-free food delivery services. It gets done by implementing a lot of safety precautions and standards in the delivery process. If you are a business person or a venture capitalist who wants to start or optimize your food ordering/delivery service with an UberEats clone, then read further ahead.

We will take a look at the mandatory features that will prove hugely beneficial both to the food craving users and the eateries included.


(i) Implementation of a pickup map

It is usual for the customers to get worried that food delivery agents may face the risk of being infected because they travel to drop deliveries at unsafe places. So came the advent of the pickup map feature making use of which the users can order for food from their favourite eateries and come for pick up without any problems. Thanks to this feature, the users don’t have to come in contact with the delivery personnel, and they will get ascertained of their food order being safe as well.


(ii) Ascertaining instant zero-contact deliveries

There are times when the users may yearn for quick and instant deliveries where they are very much willing to pay additional money for such deliveries. If this unique feature of instant deliveries gets implemented with your app, you will be able to get extra income where it is a win-win situation for you and the customers. It is because the latter get satiated in getting their delicious food delivered that quickly.


(iii) Rating and Review feature about safety norms and standards

Your safety rules and precautions that are taken to curb the virus transmission are that good only if the customers are impressed and satiated with them. It is because they are the ones who contribute to the success of your business. Thereby, the user base of yours needs to rate and review your food ordering/ delivery business when it comes to safety. With this feature, you can narrow down on the eateries and delivery personnel who aren’t abiding with the norms and take immediate action to rectify things.



(iv) Reward Programs


You can implement reward programs to help all the local eateries and restaurants substantially. People who are ordering food from the restaurants close by can get reward points. These reward points can be used in the future for getting any order discounts. It proves to be mutually beneficial for hungry customers and you as an entrepreneur. The eateries also get benefitted as they get an upsurge in sales. It helps in retaining the customers and build up a reputation when it comes to user base loyalty.



These are some ways how you can regulate safety in your food ordering/delivery business and build up trust from the user perspective. We at Uberdoo have developed an UberEats clone script that integrates a lot of safety protocols when it comes to food delivery.


Having built up reliability when it comes to food ordering/delivery mobile application development, we know what the user needs are, and we develop the best solutions for all our clients. Our products help the entrepreneurs in gaining immense trust among their customers, thereby contributing to the triumph of their business. Some unique features we have implemented when it comes to safe food delivery are listed out as follows: –


  • Contactless deliveries
  • Safety-related Ratings and Review Feature
  • Mandatory selfie with masks and gloves
  • Safety Badges
  • Option for Take-Away
  • Knowledge Banners
  • Option for disabling Cash on Delivery


You can get in touch with our reliable team at Uberdoo and input your needs/requirements to us so that we can get you the best safety integrated UberEats clone solution within the shortest timeframe.

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