On-Demand Handyman App like Uber Features and Price

on-demand handyman app like uber

In the present world, mobile apps have increasingly become a robust platform to carry out on-demand service businesses effectively. This is because they are seen as one of the most popular ways to optimize business operations and profits. This trend also applies to Handyman app like Uber solutions. So, as a business owner or startup, if you want to plunge into this domain with an Uber for Handyman app, then read further to know the app’s essential features and development costs.

The revenue generated by this industry is almost $882 million, and profits are close to $419 million. Now we will discuss the world of on-demand Handyman apps.

What Are On-demand Handyman Apps?

These Handyman apps are mobile apps that provide on-demand services to homes or other locations based on the given requirements. These include typical work related to electrical, plumbing, carpentry, gardening, massage, pest control, disinfecting, and lots more, where the services are offered by a professional known as Handyman. Uber for Handyman services helps customers connect with the best service providers in the shortest amount of time.

In the present era, it is necessary to save time and money when taking care of typical household chores. That is precisely where a Handyman app like Uber steps in to provide customers with service providers anytime when the work is needed and offer exceptional household services. With that said, let us check out some interesting facts about this Handyman service market.

Facts Regarding On-demand Home-Service Market

  • The total on-demand home service market is forecasted to reach $1574.86 billion from 2020 to 2024. 
  • One of the largest markets in the world related to home service apps is the USA, where the revenue is predicted to reach $262.10 million this year.
  • Global home service revenue is forecasted to attain $0.87 billion in 2022.
  • At a CAGR of 10.77% for 2022 – 2027, the revenue is set to reach $1.44 billion in 2027.
  • The big guns in this market are Handyman, UrbanClap, TaskRabbit, and Thumbtack.

These details are enough for any startup or existing business to get a lucrative Handyman clone solution from a company experienced in Handyman app development. If you want a reliable developer to develop a robust on-demand Handyman app in a short time, then you can reach out to our team at Uberdoo. We will gladly help you in your mission with high-standard results.

Essential Features of a Robust Uber for Handyman App Solution

Several factors determine the success of a Handyman clone, the most important being the features integrated with every app module of the on-demand Handyman app. The Handyman app development work here needs to incorporate rich functionalities so that the workflow is seamless and organized to be carried out smoothly. Thus, the Handyman clone should have features that make it fun, engaging, convenient, and most importantly useful. We will see some of the features in detail below.

Handyman User Application Features

  • Smart Login

On-demand Handyman apps should allow users to sign in instantly with the help of their social media accounts from Facebook and Instagram. This is speedier and more efficient than always relying on user ids and passwords whenever users want to log in. This also applies to the registration process, which can be done instantly instead of inputting every detail on the signup page.

  • Profile

Customers can use this feature to input all the significant services that the user will need consistently. This will save time for the customer base whenever they want to book a service immediately. The services needed are organized in a list format where the navigation can be done neatly, and booking is accomplished soon enough through the app.

  • Robust Search Filters

The Handyman clone must come with advanced smart search filters that provide results precisely based on what the customer feeds into the app as requirements and the service type needed. Furthermore, the customer must be able to select based on parameters that include the degree of expertise.

  • GPS Tracker

Customers who want real-time updates regarding their booked service requests and service providers can get it done with the power of GPS. This can be used to build more transparency for the business and optimize the engagement factor of the app. This does not apply only to the customers but also helps the business owners monitor the service provider’s activities.

  • Push Notifications

Timely updates through push notifications will help users remember an upcoming appointment and everything related. This also applies to upcoming deals, discounts, and offers. Personalized notifications will optimize the app engagement factor and form a strong bond between the customer and the business.

  • Payment Gateway Integration

When it comes to on-demand Handyman services, the embarrassing situation where there are unnecessary bargain-related fights with the customers is completely removed. The on-demand service-based charge is fixed, and payment can be made instantly and safely through several payment gateways.

Uberdoo’s Handyman app development process ensures that different payment modes make things easy for customers. The payment records are all archived, and security related to payment details of the customers, the service providers, and the business owners are optimized tenfold.

  • Scheduling and Canceling

The application should incorporate the feature of booking in advance for any time the customer prefers. The feature to cancel is also needed should any unforeseen circumstances arise. Handyman app development work should make sure that booking several appointments for different services can also be done quickly.

  • Ratings and Reviews

After the service is completed, the user base can post reviews, give feedback, and give ratings regarding the received service. Feedback will help in optimizing the services in the future for the businesses. Positive feedback will ensure that the business will be profitable and long-lasting into the future when it comes to demand.

Uberdoo’s collection of Handyman app like Uber solutions focuses on a broader audience range. We understand that everyone, from youngsters to senior citizens, will be using the apps. For better navigation, we have integrated a “How the app works” feature that will guide the customers in using the app quickly and make the best use of the Handyman clone’s potential.

Handyman Service Provider Application Features

  • Registration

The signup/registration process is similar to the customer app, where the service providers can add all the details instantly by merely keying in their social media account login details. Once done, all the essential information is pulled in, and the registration process is over. The provider can add other details through the app and seamlessly manage the profile.

  • Job Request Acceptor

This feature will help the service provider accept or reject a service request. It will also show the time of the appointment and all the details regarding the request. The service provider can also be able to view some specific instructions that were keyed in by the customer related to the service that will be carried out.

  • Additional Service Integrator

This is a unique feature that will prove beneficial in times when the user may ask the service provider to offer more services. The service providers can seamlessly add the new services to their active requests, and the charges for those new services will be generated immediately.

  • Completed Jobs Archiver

The service providers can use this handy feature to look at and gain insight into the archived collections of accepted and completed jobs. Therefore, the service providers can keep track of every statistic related to their services.

Handyman Admin Application Features

  •  Booking Manager

The admin will be able to check everything related to the booked requests and the service provider’s schedules to stay in sync with what is happening. Thus, the admin can control and manage everything related to the service requests. More in-depth details about the booking are also provided for the admin to check. 

  • Profile Manager

The admin must be able to connect with a service provider and customer profiles related to a given service request. This way, they can control everything related to the activities and take the necessary actions. The activities of the service provider can be easily tracked and managed.

  • Reviews

The admin must be able to view all the ratings and reviews for a given service and make the necessary changes to help optimize the service in the future. 

Features that Determine the Cost of Developing an Uber for Handyman Application

By now, you are ready to start the Handyman app development, but what is the cost of developing such an ambitious on-demand Handyman app? Let us look at some critical factors determining the cost of developing a Handyman clone.

  • Features

The most crucial factor is the features of the app. Basic features mean the cost will be low. However, for advanced and unique features, there will be higher costs. This is because more money will be spent on implementing new technologies and planning for complex integrations.

  • App Categorization

Most businesses usually use one of the three types of apps: native, cross-platform, or progressive web apps.

Each app comes with its own particular traits. The native apps will target platform users like Android or iOS. The cross-platform apps will work on every mobile platform. Progressive web apps can be accessed only through web browsers and are platform-independent.

  • App Development Platforms

For every Handyman app like Uber, the platform is another important criterion in determining the cost involved in app development. The big platforms are iOS and Android, where the former has a loyal user base and the latter occupies a significant percentage of smartphone users. The cost of development related to Android and iOS app development varies greatly, so ultimately the choice determines the cost.

  • App Design

App design encompasses graphic design, UI/UX design, seamless navigation between screens, landing page design, and many other visual components. All of them will impact the cost accordingly.

  • Third-party Integration

Adding more functionalities to push notifications, payment transfers, and other special APIs will also add to the total cost involved in Handyman app development.

  • Hiring Model

There are three types of hiring models, namely full-time hiring, part-time hiring, and hourly-based hiring. The cost will further increase depending upon the number of developers hired to get a Handyman clone developed and done.

  • Testing and Security

Testing is undoubtedly an essential and mandatory aspect of developing a mobile app; therefore, it is crucial to test the performance limits of the app. Without testing, unmonitored bugs will wreak havoc on the user experience and subject the mobile application to all sorts of cyber attacks. So, to prevent such malicious invasions that steal vital data, it is necessary to implement safety measures. Thus, adding security will also impact the cost of developing such on-demand Handyman apps.

Considering all the above factors, the cost of developing Handyman apps with basic features will be between $25,000 and $40,000. The cost will increase by up to $100,000 if the app has to be advanced and feature-rich. These estimates are based on full-time project development. Hiring app developers to get the job done will result in an hourly charge ranging from $20 to $150, which is also determined by the app complexity. 

Concluding Lines

Global mobile app revenue is forecasted to reach an astronomical $935 billion. There is a high demand for Uber for Handyman mobile applications. Such apps help create or upscale your on-demand service business into a lucrative one. With everyone now highly dependent on smartphones, offering a Handyman app solution to satiate their ever-changing requirements in this busy world is the right thing to do. 

Furthermore, with the pandemic in full swing, people are looking forward to getting on-demand services accomplished with a lot of safety and preventive measures. As a business owner, you can earn the trust of your customers by implementing safety features embedded in the Handyman app solution.

If you are interested in getting your Handyman app like Uber solution developed and rolled out immediately, partner with the clone application development team from Uberdoo. We will help you by analyzing the cost of developing your on-demand service app and suggesting a reasonable price for the development without forsaking the quality and user experience involved. We will do everything to develop your Handyman app like Uber solution precisely the way you had envisioned it at the beginning. We will integrate all the in-trend features, and we can surely take your business to the next level in popularity and prosperity. Connect with our experts at Uberdoo and kick-start your work immediately to achieve your business goal.

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