Increase your online presence with Ubereats clone in 2022

online presence with ubereats clone

The Uber phenomenon stunned the entire world by playing a significant role in revolutionizing the domain called the on-demand service business. One of the subcategories in the on-demand service industry, called on-demand food delivery, has also grown tremendously due to the immense success of the UberEats mobile application. Research has shown that the online delivery business income will reach $63.6 billion by the end of the year 2025.

The above fact is enough for business owners and startups to invest in an UberEats clone to establish a stronghold in the online food delivery business. Here we’ll see about several essential details you need to know before venturing into this highly competitive industry with an UberEats clone app solution.

Reasons for the Online Food Delivery Sector Gaining Prominence

The food delivery service business is becoming important because of some of the following reasons.

(i) People prefer greater convenience by ordering tasty food right from the comfort of their homes. This is one reason why the preference for online ordering has become so popular.

(ii) Customers nowadays are not inclined towards traveling very far to a restaurant, after which they need to find a parking space and then walk to the restaurant before finally ordering and then waiting for their food to be served. It sounds like a cumbersome process. When ordering online from a restaurant, people won’t have to face all these ordeals. All they have to do is make an order from their favorite eateries, and food will soon arrive at their doorsteps. 

(iii) When it comes to online ordering, gourmets will be offered the freedom to customize their food orders right from their smartphones. They can add toppings, sauces, delicious add-ons, and much more. This convenience is not observed when going to a restaurant to have food. 

(iv) Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and its ramifications, people’s behaviors have drastically changed, and everyone fears getting infected with the virus. Social distancing, the use of sanitizers, and wearing masks and gloves have become the standard norms of the 2020s. Gourmets and food lovers are now afraid to go to restaurants for fear of getting infected. They prefer food to be delivered warm and safe to their doorsteps. The on-demand service business domain has gained traction, particularly from the time the virus began enshrouding the entire world. Now it is a massive business in its own right. So, as an entrepreneur, you can take advantage of this situation with an UberEats clone app solution and reap huge benefits by helping the customers and the restaurants function normally.

We at Uberdoo are well-reputed for the robust UberEats clone script we have developed using cutting-edge technology. With the help of our UberEats clone script, business owners can get their highly profitable online food delivery service business up and running in no time. 

Fun statistics regarding Online Food Delivery Business

  • The online food delivery business domain’s revenue for this year is forecasted to be a whopping $323.30 billion.
  • User penetration in the online food delivery business world is reported to be 23.7%.
  • It is predicted that the user base corresponding to this segment will swell to an astronomical 2613.2 million.
  • The market is predicted to be more than $151 billion in the global economy.
  • 60% of restaurants expect sales to increase if they embrace online ordering.
  • Delivery sales are estimated to increase by 20% in the coming ten years.
  • One-third of those who order online will pay more than $50 for the meal.
  • The first online food ordering and delivery service began way back in 1994.
  • UberEats is the undisputed leader when it comes to food delivery apps in the world, and it has 81 million users.
  • UberEats app revenue reached $8.3 billion last year.
  • UberEats earned more than $50 billion in gross bookings last year.

Challenges Faced By Online Food Delivery Applications

  • The customers’ needs and expectations are constantly changing, and it is a very tough task for eateries to have so many menu options. The restaurant has to understand customer behavior and the rapidly changing customer requirements. This dilemma also stretches out to the food delivery apps; they too must adapt to the ever-changing requirements.
  • The UberEats clones and other food delivery mobile apps must match the customers’ expectations regarding what they will get. This is accomplished by uploading the right pictures related to the food items. The expectations regarding the quality of food that will arrive at the doorsteps of the end customers are also very high.
  • It is very tough for eateries to maintain a specific price related to the menu items. Rivals in the market will try to win the battle by employing the tactics of undercutting where the customer loyalty for the given restaurant is diminished significantly. This impact is also significantly felt in the delivery apps.
  • Obviously, the quality of food that is delivered from a restaurant won’t be the same as that of the food being served directly in the restaurant. Utmost importance must be given to maintaining high standards in preparing and packing the food to be delivered. Strict compliance with food standards and quality is critical for ensuring that customer satisfaction is not compromised.
  • The end customers prefer ordering food any time they get the hunger pangs. But compared to other on-demand service businesses, where customers want the food to be delivered hot within a given timeframe. If the food is not delivered on time, the customer feels frustrated and will lose interest in that given restaurant and, subsequently, that specific food delivery application. So both the food delivery app and the restaurant have to join forces to combat this seemingly challenging requirement for winning customer loyalty.
  • With the industry’s growth, there is more vying and competition to occupy the top position in the food delivery service market. The competitors will have lots of funding they can use to their advantage, which is also a challenge in the online food delivery segment. 

Such challenges imply that as a startup or business owner who seeks to establish a strong foundation in the food delivery industry, you must be innovative and creative and think out of the box if you want to reap the immense benefits of your app solution. Uberdoo has several years of expertise in UberEats clone app development. If you let us partner with you, we can take care of everything related to making your business flourish.

The Main Modules of an UberEats Clone App Solution

UberEats is one of the most popular mobile applications in the on-demand food industry. The app inspires business owners to develop UberEats clone solutions to replicate its success. Three marketplace stakeholders are involved: the end customer, the delivery partners, the restaurants, and the admin or app owner. We will see an overview of what those app modules offer.

  • The customer app should help the gourmets in login/ signup, search for food menus, select food items, then make an order request to get the food item delivered before finally making payments via several methods (both cash and cashless) and tracking the food order until it reaches their doorsteps.
  • The restaurant app must offer everything for the restaurants, ranging from login/registration, menu uploading, setting the open/closing time, specifying the food quantity for that given time, finding delivery partners, and finally passing on the order to the delivery partner. There are several payment methods.
  • With the help of the delivery app, the delivery partners must be able to register/ sign in, get alerted regarding the delivery request, and then be able to use the power of GPS to locate the restaurant and pick up the order when it is ready. Then the food order is delivered to the customer’s doorstep. Payment is done via a multitude of options.
  • The admin panel manages everything regarding the food delivery process and helps the restaurants and the delivery partners track and pick up/drop off orders. Many other factors, including delivery status, delivery time, and payment status, are seamlessly managed from the admin panel.

Prominent Features of an UberEats Clone Solution

The food delivery application boom has only recently begun. It is here to stay well into the far future as long as people want convenience in getting delicious food delivered safely to their homes. That said, customized UberEats clones are plunging into the market to earn big profits. But what are the basic features of such a food delivery application?

The below-listed features are some of the main features of an UberEats clone app solution.

  • Advanced Search Option

The clone solution must provide an excellent service to the customer base if they want to optimize their revenue. So, care must be ensured in implementing a powerful customer navigation system. They must be able to search for their favorite restaurants or food items and enable them to finish their search time within a fraction of a second. The search option results must provide information regarding restaurants in the vicinity, the price range, and the restaurant’s rating.

  • Different Types of Payment Options

Another feature necessary to gain traction for the UberEats clone app is integrating multiple payment methods, be it credit cards, debit cards, crypto wallets, and several other types of secured instant payment methods. Cash on delivery must also be included. With this multitude of options, the business can be upscaled, bringing in many customers.

  • Impressive Visuals

Adding delicious food items and tasty dishes to the app isn’t just enough. There should be rich visuals to increase user engagement. This will increase the food order frequency. Along with a good and responsive UI/UX design, the performance of the app must also be robust when it comes to usage. 

  • Real-time Tracking

To optimize the food ordering experience, a live tracking system must be installed based on which there are plenty of updates regarding the status of the food order from the time it was ordered until it was delivered. It can include advanced options like showing the real-time location of the delivery partner, a notification showing if delivery was delayed along with the reason and an escalation timer which will tell you if an order/delivery is taking too long. Ultimately, customers want greater transparency when it comes to services.

  • Analyzing the Customer’s Feedback

Customer feedback is an essential factor in enhancing any business. It is done by adding a sophisticated rating/review system where much information regarding the customer’s experience and feedback is collected before analysis. Once the data is researched and analyzed, the delivery business can be optimized.

  • Customization to Add New and Special Features

The last and most important feature of a customizable food delivery app solution is the power of innovation, based on which the app can be made to have new features that make it exceptionally special. With your inputted ideas, new unique features can be added, and with creativity, your business can soon gain the edge in the competition.

A Peek at Uberdoo’s Food Delivery Clone Script

Uberdoo’s UberEats clone script gives greater prominence to customization, and it also comes with its own set of new features that have been developed in light of the pandemic. Some of them include the following

  • Smart Mask software ensures that the delivery partners adhere to compulsorily wearing masks at all times during duty. 
  • Also included is the COVID heatmap to identify zones where the infection rate is high and a regular temperature uploader for drivers who have to periodically update their body temperature in the app, after which only the delivery partner will be authorized to work. This way, the customer gains immense confidence in the services. 
  • Drivers also get to be offered features that help in the selection of optimized routes and taking care of multiple orders in a single delivery. 
  • The admin also has a service performance tracker feature to generate all-encompassing reports for the business owners to understand if the business is doing well or not.

These features are just a few of what is available in our highly scalable UberEats clone script solution, which can also be white labeled to create an app for your brand.

Concluding Lines

After having read everything and arriving here, you must have understood the potential of the on-demand food delivery industry. If you want to start your own successful food delivery business, you are welcome to partner with the UberEats clone app development team at Uberdoo. Our sophisticated UberEats clone script will help you save time, money, and effort. We have developed the clone script with cutting-edge technology, and everything comes pre-programmed so that all you have to do is impart your creativity like icing on the cake! We will do everything to create a special UberEats clone solution that reaps great success for your business. Connect with our industry-best experts at Uberdoo and kick-start your work immediately!

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