Must-have features of a taxi booking app like Uber

Uber has revolutionized the transportation industry, and it has been a pioneer in ride-hailing services featuring millions of monthly active users from across the globe. Having become a giant in the Transportation Industry, it has branched out broadly to provide various other services in the given industry. With revenues generated in the Billions of Dollars, it has motivated many to enter the market with their Uber Clone.


So what exactly are the features you ought to integrate with your Uber clone solution if you want to begin a similar successful ride-hailing business?


We will detail that in this article starting with the features of the Rider App.

  1. Ride Tracker

Uber app has a feature for the rider base to track a ride once it is booked and confirmed. As soon as the pickup and the drop off locations are inputted by the rider, and when the driver approves the request, the rider can track the ride via an integrated map, saving time.

  1. Fare Estimator

It will help in displaying an estimate of the total fare for the ride even before the ride is booked thanks to the sophisticated Uber algorithm. It will also vary depending upon aspects like the vehicle selected, the waiting time and much more.

  1. Trip History

This feature will give insight regarding the given driver’s trip history, including the rider’s details that feature their name and their drop off points. Everything is delineated understandably.

  1. Payment Options

The Uber app also has several user-friendly payment options like Credit Card/ Debit Card Payment, eWallets, Paytm and Cash.

  1. Scheduled Bookings

It is another feature that serves to be very advantageous for those who want to book a ride in advance. The riders can make modifications to the relevant details well before the trip, and there will be a reminder generated on the day of the ride along with other ride details.

Riders can also share these details regarding the trip to anyone via an SMS. They have everything needed to schedule appointments in time, and they will also get notified regarding the same.

  1. Easy Fare Splitting

If in case people are travelling with their friends or relatives, Uber will help them in splitting the fare equally among them up to three people via the app.


  1. SOS/ Panic Button

If you are keen on developing a robust Uber clone, it is imperative to feature a panic button that can be used should any unforeseen emergency occurs. Clicking this button will notify the Uber authorities as well as the near police station.


With this feature, you are saying that you are focused on the safety of your customers.


With that said, we will now focus on features for the Driver App that aims to optimize the user experience.



  1. Driver Report

This feature is to ascertain that both the rider and the driver are safe. It will give a deep understanding of the driving style of the driver in a given timeframe. If incidents of reckless driving arise, such rash drivers can be banned for flouting the rules.


  1. Driver Destinations

It can be used to enhance the driver experience where they can choose a given location and find riders who want to ride in that particular location.


  1. Quest Earner

This intriguing feature for the driver app will reward the driver with extra money should he/she take and complete a pre-defined number of rides.


  1. Cancellation for free within 2 minutes

There are situations where the rider might delay or disregard a given ride that has been booked and to save the associated drivers from losing their money and time; this handy feature can be integrated.

It will help a great deal in cutting down the risks for the drivers and the business as well.

Should it take more than 2 minutes to get into the cab after it arrives, then extra charges are applied, and if the riders cancel the ride after that time frame, they have to pay a fee that sums up to the ride fare.


  1. Heat Maps

Another feature that helps in making the work of drivers a lot easier, the driver base can view which are the major areas with the tremendous demand for service and thus can get more income by providing ride services in those areas.



  1. Forward Dispatch

It will help those drivers who want to offer another ride, and thus they can create a queue of rides. It will significantly help in cutting down the driver’s idle time.



That summed up the essential features of an Uber Clone if one wants to take care of a successful ride-hailing business.

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