Is white label food delivery app good for your business?

Times are really difficult, specifically for local restaurants, after the COVID-19 pandemic happened. The idea of online food ordering system is not something novel to the customer. That said, the industry has seen a substantial change over the recent times. There is huge competition in the industry. Yes, you have heard it right. The online food ordering system’s demand is seeing a sharp rise. This is mainly because of UberEats and other giants who have infused the importance of technology and comfort factor. The customers can comfortably order their preferred meals through just the click of a phone. But the challenge for new entrepreneurs entering the market is how to bring about innovation in the functionality of the apps. They know that innovation is the key to success, and for having a leg up in the competition, the app should be help them to establish their visibility. Here comes the role of white labeling.

How COVID-19 has made a mark in the digital food industry

As we face the COVID-19 pandemic together, there is the need for safety and hygiene more than ever. Several offices are shut and are either following work from home approach or the hybrid model. The importance of the need of our daily meals cannot be underestimated.

The pandemic has resulted in a drastic change in consumer behavior and thereby an enormous advancement in the online food ordering and delivery industry. Now several restaurants have begun to offer contactless deliveries to get profit and also to sustain in the industry. Here we can see the importance of white label food ordering to the restaurant owners.

Why to select a white label to commence a food ordering and delivery app?

For the uninitiated, white label apps are built by one business entity but deployed by several brands. These are also called as reseller programs in the sense that products or services can be rebranded without any problem. The key is in customizing according to the demands of the business.

There are several reasons why you should go for white label solutions for your on-demand food delivery business.



You cans save a lot of money when you select white label solutions. Everything is tailor-made and is prepared with care. You needn’t spend lot of time in the development process. Rather than spending on designing and developing from the beginning, you can invest in a white label solution that saves you time, money and effort.

No aggressive marketing

We needn’t tell you the importance of branding for your business. However, when you want to bring your product to the market in a short span, you should consider white label apps that rebrand the food delivery app. You can personalize it according to your brand without any issue. Features will already exist in the app, and you can conveniently turn the app into your own brand. You can maintain your brand identity through the white label solution of the developing company. You can get your distinguished logo and branding so that there is genuine relationship with the customer.

Concentrate on priority tasks

One of the main advantages of a white label food delivery app is that you can concentrate more on your enterprise’s pivotal activities. You can also assign your development work to experts in a specific niche. Since such solutions are concentrating only on the specific needs, there is minimal chance of error in making the app.

Less implementation time

These solutions are totally customizable and hence take minimal time to be introduced in the market. Imagine creating a platform from the beginning, which could take lot of months, thereby delaying revenue.

But wait, there are some disadvantages too which you must gauge:


You cannot guarantee that this solution will give a spike in the traffic. The key is in finding whether the app can scale to meet demand by simultaneously following a good user experience.

Code quality

Don’t forget to opt for a reliable provider because when you buy from one who is not reliable and ethical it may lead to security threats and poor quality. You have to gauge the company’s online presence, their experience, and popularity. You can also take part in online forums, read customer reviews, etc.

Take-away message

You should also look from a critic’s eye regarding the company’s policies and procedures. The key is in asking the solution provider whether the solution adheres with the critical security requirements of the food ordering and delivery industry.

It is time to commence your white label food delivery app for your restaurant. Have a leg up in the competition and begin your food delivery business tailor-made with a complete technology solution from our UberEats clone.