Employee benefit initiatives by employers during the COVID 19 era

`We give names for certain periods when they are famous for specific aspects. This era can be undoubtedly but unfortunately be called as COVID-19 era. It has impacted our lives to a great extent, and people are yet to come out of the shock it created. However, it has introduced a new norm called as work from home or remote working wherein employees are left with no choice other than to work from home, forgoing the benefits that they gain from working from office, which includes better collaboration, catered lunch, in-house, etc.  Employers have started to comprehend the impact of COVID-19’s seriousness and are planning to motivate employees through several programs.

Employee benefit programs cannot underestimated

Providing personalized benefits not only assists employers be in tandem with the changing workplace, it also lets them to show care to their employees during these difficult times. Employees are facing both mental and physical troubles while working from home also. Though most of the workers said that they had depression and anxiety at the onset of the pandemic, it slowly subsided. Everyone started considering COVID-19 as something that should be endured. However, employee benefits are still crucial.

This is the time more than before wherein employers are starting to understand the problems attached to work from home, The main aim of the blog is to focus on the employee benefits by employers during these difficult times.

Highly economic

The remote working system has introduced the dominance of the virtual medium. There are personal meeting sessions, video conferencing etc. that connect the employers with the employees. We can say that this is highly cost-effective. Therefore, employers are saving a good amount of money. If they spend the money for employees’ cause then the latter can benefit.

Empathizing with the employee

Employee interest and retention is vital for any company’s long-standing nature. In this remote working scenario, the employers should ensure that they give the same benefits that they offered to their employees while working from office. This is more so because empathizing with the employee and taking care of his/her health should always be the motto of the employers.

Benefits tailor-made according to each employee is needed

The employer should not forget to offer customized employee benefits especially during this COVID-19 era. You might have heard about the Fringe employee benefit story. For the uninitiated, it is an online platform that assists employers to provide personalized benefits to employees. During such times, employee benefit should be the major concern of any organization; hence they should make the best use of such platforms.

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