Detailing about the best features of a Uber Clone app solution

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the ways how businesses normally take place. A lot of businesses are struggling to remain afloat, and other businesses are facing huge losses. It is indeed a sad time for all the economies from across the globe. However, there are some businesses like on-demand service-oriented businesses that are leveraging the present dull situation as a means of earning more money. The ride-hailing business is no exception to that and on-demand taxi businesses integrated with lots of robust safety precautions, and norms are prospering well enough.

So you can venture into this lucrative business with your own Uber Clone that has the safety precautions implemented to earn the trust of people who want rides.

To guide you, we are revealing to you some of the Rider (Passenger) and Driver Features that are important constituents of such a ride-hailing app solution. We will begin with the Rider Features.


  1. Ride Tracker

The Uber Clone App must help the riders to track a ride post it gets booked.

Once the pickup and drop off locations are inputted, the driver will accept the request and starts towards the pickup point. Here, with the power of an integrated map solution, the rider can track the progress.


  1. Fare Estimator

The ride-hailing app must calculate and the total fare for the ride before it begins, based on which the rider can contemplate if the ride is affordable or not.

However, the fare is also based on the vehicle type and the waiting time, which is estimated at the end of the ride.


  1. Fare Splitter

When we speak about a ride with family or relations or friends, the app should feature the option for the riders to split the fare equally among them for up to 5 people.


  1. Flexible Payment Options

To pay for the ride, the rider must have a plethora of user-friendly payment options via credit/debit card, eWallets, Google Pay, Paytm along with direct cash and lots more. Furthermore, the rider base can pay for every trip by crediting the app wallet with money, thereby facilitating a smooth payment process digitally.



  1. Ride Scheduler

People may require a cab at any time of the day or night. So they ought to be able to schedule their rides well in advance and also have the option to make any changes in the trip before it commences. They will be notified with a reminder regularly, which also contains details of the ride.



  1. Panic Button

When developing an Uber clone application, it is a good move to integrate the SOS/Panic Button Feature. This will serve to be effective in case of some unforeseen problems that arise all of a sudden. By pressing the Panic Button, the riders or the drivers can immediately alert the nearest police station. By this way, the app owners are prioritizing the safety of the riders as well as the drivers over everything else.


Driver features


  1. Driver Report

This feature is also used to ascertain the safety of both the driver and the passenger. It will give great enlightenment regarding the driving style of a driver as based on a given time period. Should there be reckless and rash driving; the app owners can ban the associated drivers.


  1. Advanced Route Building


When it comes to a Ride-hailing mobile app solution, it is necessary to enhance the routes to optimize driver efficiency.

This will pave the way for highly satiated riders.

This proves to be advantageous, particularly when there is a traffic-congested path or dangers in the road. Featured are several routes for a given path, and the app’s tracking ability ought to provide a precise estimation of where they are. It can formulate the best path that is less choked with traffic and helpful also in reaching the destination quickly.



  1. Driver Destinations

This is to add some extra benefits to the drivers who can select a given location and find riders in that location who want to catch a ride.



  1. Quest Earnings

This is like a challenge and mission for the drivers to earn more money. The challenge is to complete an already defined number of rides which on completion will reward the driver with extra cash.


  1. Free cancellation within a given timeframe of 2 minutes

It is a feature aimed to prevent the loss of both money and time when a rider creates a problem by abandoning a ride or delaying a ride that has been confirmed. If the riders delay the ride by more than 2 minutes, they are supposed to pay extra charges. Should they cancel the ride after the same timeframe, then they have to be a fee that is associated with a base ride fare.


  1. Heat Maps

This is also greatly beneficial for the drivers making use of which they can locate the zones in the city that are filled with huge demands for rides. The drivers can then ride to that locality, accept more requests and increase their income.




That sums up some of the important features of an Uber Clone mobile app solution. If you are now convinced to start your own ride-hailing mobile app business, ensure that it comes with a lot of safety precautions like mask recognition software, regular temperature checker for the rider as well as the driver along with the digital implementation of mandatory norms that promote the importance of sanitizers, gloves and social distancing.


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