Embracing the popular trend called Uber for X

There is a huge demand for “Uber for X” applications in many domains like lifestyle, sports, food delivery, education, handyman and of course transportation-oriented services. This is a highly lucrative business domain related to on-demand services where venture capitalists invest lots of money in, and its popularity is soaring with time.


So what exactly is this Uber for X?

We will come to explain that shortly.

We know Uber is a ride-hailing mobile application which created a big buzz in the taxicab business industry ever since its inception 11 years ago. It simplified things when we speak about booking a taxi wherewith the mere press of a button; a taxi will arrive at the doorsteps in a short span of time. Once the ride via the taxi is completed, with the press of another button, the payment is made all via your mobile phone and it’s that cool. Uber for X is related to aggregating demand via smartphones where the demand is taken care of by offline service providers. Aside from transfiguring the way how customers associate with service providers as seen in the taxi industry, it has the potential to create more demand with the services getting more and more simplified much to the delight of the customers.

Google sealed the fate of Yellow Pages sometime back, and now Uber for X has the potential to impact Google itself! This might seem to be a big claim, but as soon as you get enlightenment regarding all the facts related to this Uber for X concept, you will understand that things make perfect sense.

Many startups have begun marketing themselves as Uber for X startups where X can range from anything be it grocery, pharmaceutical, laundry, tennis and virtually anything. All these verticals have been met with a positive reception, and their momentum is increasing with the time where the likes of health and beauty, delivery, travel and transportation are also included in the same.

These Uber for X apps may vary in certain aspects be it the time span within which the service is provided, the demand for the service and the background verification of the service providers. But fundamentally all the services are simple to use.

The popularity of start-ups associated with these on-demand services is increasing with the passage of time and the Uberization phenomenon is gaining much popularity from across the world.

Initially, there were some challenges in the establishment of these startups, but with time all were sorted out with the introduction of certain differences in the workflow as detailed below.

The dynamic quality of home service professionals: Every startup features a system devoted to offline background checks as well as reference checks and some interviews for all the service providers who want to jump into the fray. One can also venture outside and take a variation in the approach by motivating the user base to take feedback whenever they are choosing the type of service.

The Standardization of Find, Buy and Redeem Funnel: When all the role players in these domains are researched, it is very much evident that a majority of them while being effective don’t focus on what is called Standardization. One of the startups allows the customer base to associated with the service providers and get the related custom quotes related to the demand provided. Another startup likewise featured negotiation to be integrated with this type of interaction.

Immediate deliveries: Related to this, one startup embraced the Uber approach with relation to the standard hourly rates and immediate appointments. Another one allowed the users to select from the open times that were provided by the service providers.

Even though every type of service industry is predicted to get disrupted in the coming decade, it is important to note who will first identify the popular and successful model. This will be customized as per the various verticals, and the main factor here is that there will be a huge demand aggregation offered via a mobile solution. In time, it will become evident that the local vendors will either accept the power of innovation or fade away from existence. A notable case is where the traditional yet local taxi business firms are embracing all these Uber-like solutions.

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