• A brief word regarding Uber for X apps

    The present lifestyle is definitely incomplete without On-Demand Services. These services are carried out immediately and that effectively when requested through a mobile application that is specifically built for that purpose. All that is needed is a few clicks and the app will take care of everything. Should you want to avail a taxi at […]

  • The Growth Of Ride Sharing

    Presently, a revolutionary trend in ride sharing has altered the entire landscape of transportation. The result is that the normal process of availing a taxi is now very streamlined and effective. Then came Mobility which turned out to be needed one but yet it was also insufficient in terms of usage at times. Thereby, it […]

  •  Benefits of developing an On-Demand App for the Android OS

    In this 21st century, it is no doubt that the very successful phenomenon called mobile applications are the sole reason for the huge demand for Smartphones. When speaking of mobile app development, the big guns are obviously Google and Apple. Everyone nowadays is fascinated only with the overwhelmed Apple App Store and Google Play Store. […]

  • Why Entrepreneurs need On-Demand Delivery Apps

    It is very much evident that the Mobile App Development Domain is here to stay. If we were to dive a little bit more in-depth, On-Demand Services are taking the world by the storm where they prove their worth in simplifying the daily lives of many people. Hiring a Cab or scheduling a Doctor appointment […]

  • An Essential Guide to smoothly carry out on-demand service app development

    The entire world has completely fallen in love with the concept of On-Demand Service Applications. All the types of long-established enterprises are now realizing how they can achieve even more success by leveraging the power that an On-Demand App has to offer. Speaking of On-Demand Apps they allow anyone using a smartphone to reach a […]

  • A word about some mHealthcare and Telemedicine Trends that will reign supreme in 2019

    With the advancement of the Digital Technological domain, the power of mobility has been applied to enhance the Healthcare related services which have thereby paved the way for mHealthcare services. When taking the domain of mHealthcare and Telemedicine, it has already established a powerful presence this year and will continue to maintain its dominance indefinitely […]

  • What makes Android platform the best option for On-demand App Development

    Ever since the inception of Mobile Applications a decade ago, there is been such a surge in its popularity. Now there are over 205 billion app downloads. The mobile app user metrics are as well increasing on a daily basis. Let us get to know some fun facts regarding the popularity of these Mobile Apps- […]

  •  Why On-Demand Mobile Apps are the talk of the town

    People are consistently on the lookout for services that provide instant results. This can be augmented by wielding the power of smartphones. On Demand apps solely account for outstanding success in the enterprises of the present be it Healthcare, E-commerce or virtually anything. What’s more even the application developers are getting benefitted thanks to this […]

  • A word on Big Data revolutionizing the domain of On-Demand Taxi Booking

    Data is that abundant in this digital world and with such a massive abundance that was never ever seen before, the need of the hour is a powerful robust system that can effectively take care of it. The answer can prove beneficial enough for the entire On Demand service-oriented applications. A suitable candidate for that […]

  • A word on the Uber Business Model and how it generates revenue

    We now know Uber as the granddaddy of on-demand apps. It’s aspiration to remaining at the top of the competition in providing the best customer-oriented taxi services is what that had made it achieve phenomenal success. The way how it functions is by offering its application as a platform for people to book cab rides […]