• UberEATS’s Expansion Across The USA and India

    UberEATS features ventures with regards to opening its services in Albuquerque based on what an Uber spokesperson had to delineate to Albuquerque Business First It could be implemented within this month as per what an entrepreneur had to say. UberEATS is an offshoot of Uber Technologies which is a dominant ride-hailing service enterprise. UberEATS serves […]

  • Some Details About The Latest Offerings From Uber’s “Express POOL” Feature

    There is no stopping to Uber’s ventures related to the modifications in mitigating the ride cost. Featured in Uber Express POOL suggests the users walk a few blocks towards the pickup point and destination both prior and post the ride for the most economically friendly cost featured in Uber.   The new attribute serves effectively […]

  • Uber And Its Partnership With Hyderabad

    Uber in its venture to make its Uber standing, even more, stronger in the city has augmented its potential with the inception of an engineering organization which serves effectively to align with the aspect of developing business intelligence platforms and manipulating the domain of real-time streaming.   The organization features over 40 software developers for […]

  • Some Details About A Bus Agency Which Serves To Offer Uber Like Services

    Featured in a little East Bay suburb, the people who commute to work have a great and pleasing surprise for them where a bus agency related to public transit provides on-demand rides for people with smartphones or tablets. Having its base related to the model which dominant ride-hailing brands like Uber embrace and operate by, […]

  • Uber’s Venture Into Handy Features Like Location Sharing And Glowing Windshields

    Uber for its user base is all set to make the venture regarding finding the driver, a smooth and streamlined experience. Uber which has been a dominant ride-hailing giant is enriching itself by launching brand new innovative tools like live location feature and trendy windshield colors. This is in regards to enhance the pickup process […]

  • Uber’s Ventures To Satiate The Indian Users Of The App

    It is a totally different venture when it comes to availing the services of Uber in the Indian nation.The concept of addresses have become obsolete and dont have any worth. Simultaneously in this recurring scenario, several people are manipulating archaic smartphones featuring confined and restricted speeds and convenience when it comes to mobile data plans. […]

  • UberEATS finally in Hyderabad

    UberEATS is finally in Hyderabad, where it will surely compete with the other food delivery app rivals and make a considerable impact in the city’s food market. It is featured as the 7th city in India where Uber has rolled out is subsidiary. Bhavik Rathod the head of UberEATS India, noted that partnership was associated […]

  • Uber and its deal with SoftBank

    Softbank, the Japanese technology consortium finally has made the venture of entering into a dealing with Uber so as to invest billions in the latter. Related to the same, the big ride-hailing conglomerate has given signs related to the same as on Sunday. However, there were not many other details to be revealed from their […]

  • Uber’s ambitious plans for UberEATS related to monetization

    The ride-hailing giant Uber has proclaimed regarding its highly focused venture regarding investment into the food delivery domain it offers- UberEATS. This was launched in the Indian market and the brand is also looking for ways to make the enterprise a lucrative one. Uber had rolled out UberEATS in the nation some six months back […]

  • Plans which Uber has for the smartphone less people

    Uber is set to venture into providing rides for people in India who dont have the luxury of smartphones and. India is featured as its second biggest market. And Daniel Graf, vice president and global head of product at Uber had to say a lot.   There are big ambitious ventures in India with regards […]