An insight about the prevailing trends of Uber this year in India

Uber has disclosed and furnished its top ranking trends of this year related to the Indian market where the ride-hailing app giant has provided a lot of knowledge and facts regarding the statistics about riders in the nation. Uber noted that it is featured with the most amount of bustling activity especially on Friday and the time of 6 pm IST every 7 days in a week is the busiest hour seeing the fact that the rider base is possibly trying to make a hasty and fast return to their residences.

Uber also disclosed the fact that the date when the brand was busy with the maximum number of Uber rides was on August 11th, 2017 which is the Friday before the Independence Day of the nation.
An extremely intriguing fact from Uber reveals that a rider in New Delhi (and NCR) had the distinction of taking most number of Uber rides, that is 1,969 trips in this year. This statistic is important as it is proportionate to very nearly 5 trips every day. Following in the second place was also a female rider from Hyderabad who availed an astronomical 1,162 Pool trips this year.

The organization says that the majority of the Uber riders are of the opinion that ridesharing can serve effectively in preventing most of the urban areas from being choked with traffic. The two major metropolises in India which recorded the most astounding number of Uber Pool rides as associated with riders in 2017 were Bangalore and Hyderabad. In the third and fourth place came Kolkata and Delhi respectively. The brand also had to reveal that uberGO was the most demanded product with respect to the riders all over the nation.

Uber also observed an expansion in the ride number statistics as associated with the Indians who availed Uber in 566 metropolises crosswise over 80 nations. As noted by the brand Indians desire to travel, thus wherever they traveled, they wanted to book a ride utilizing the Uber App.Further noted by the brand was that the riders from India availed Uber rides as aforementioned in 566 urban communities spanning across 80 nations. The most-favorite and desired travel destinations encompassed the US, Singapore, Malaysia, the UK, and UAE.

Remarking on revealing Uber’s top trends, the President of Uber India and South Asia Amit Jain stated that this year, the brand was giving attention to transfiguring from a startup to a supportable enterprise in India. Thus, it revealed twofold digit development and keep on clocking over a million trips on a daily basis. With a goal to decongest urban areas, Uber rolled out items that empower ridesharing and supplement public transportation with the help of trustworthy and reliable first/last mile connectivity. He also noted that the brand is eager to see Uber turn into the best prevalent method of transportation, surpassing the vehicle ownership in India. He concluded by appreciating and offering profound thanks to the Uber’s riders and driver accomplices with regards to the level which Uber has ventured out so far in the country.

Uber achieved the 500 millionth trip record in July this year while riders and driver-accomplices went more than 4.3 billion kilometers together. A Delhi-based driver who has been associated with driving manipulating the Uber application for more than 4 years and 2 months, thereby making him the longest and most tenured driver partner in India for this year. Uber also disclosed that India was the second-biggest contributor accounting for 5 billion trips on a worldwide scale only after the US. Uber accomplished this feat in the May of this year.

The top trending patterns of this year from Uber demonstrates and displays the rider statistics in India along with some intriguing aspects as associated with their travels.