Uber’s advisory forum to listen to the needs of the driver base

Uber has encountered a considerable lot of discord and animosity with its driver base in the course of recent years, however, the ride-hailing organization has been attempting to fix all those shortcomings.

It started out with its “180 Days of Change” this June related to which it launched more than 30 brand new features favoring and benefitting the drivers and at present, it’s proceeding with the same as associated with a perpetual fixture. Uber is set to roll out a Driver Advisory Forum intended to help direct the organization on the most proficient method to improve the situation with the help of drivers.

The discussion will be comprised of a gathering of drivers Uber will bring to its premises in San Francisco twice a year to meet with organization’s CEO and different individuals from its official group. Amid such meetings and forums, drivers will be urged to talk about the issues most critical to them. The initial meeting is scheduled for Jan. 16.

Rachel Holt who is Uber’s VP of operations and advertising in the US and Canada noted in an interview that the brand is focused with regards to conceptualizing a method to assimilate driver reviews so as to manipulate it to ascertain that it is one of the brand’s ventures carried out. Additionally, she noted that it will aid in guaranteeing that the needs of Uber are in sync with that of the drivers in the near future and the coming years

Ever since its inception 8 years back Uber has consistently developed and evolved to end up as one of the world’s biggest ride-hailing administrations – with around 2.5 million drivers in around 75 nations. In May, it accomplished its five billionth ride. In any case, with that development, Uber’s association with drivers had turned out to be very fragile.

Drivers dissented about incessant low pays, longer working hours with no aid. They additionally documented claims, quit driving for the organization or changed to its chief rival Lyft. It resulted in a breaking point in the early periods of this year after an unveiled video indicated its previous Uber CEO Travis Kalanick criticizing a driver. From that point forward, Uber promised to “update” its association with drivers.

Holt added that Uber truly trusts and realizes that the driver base is an integral part of the brand’s overall functioning and that this was very much linked with the success factor and ensuring that the rider base experiences an excellent service.
In June, Uber rolled out its 180 days of change campaign, which finished in November. Presently, moving into 2018, the organization is making the Driver Advisory Forum and furthermore including two or three other new highlights. One such feature is the “in-application feedback,” which gives drivers a chance to propose enhancements whenever. Uber says it’ll audit all input along with the reviews and utilize it to incessantly present new highlights.

Uber is likewise kickstarting an “Early Tester program” for a given set of drivers to attempt and create new features and enhancements before they are launched on a widespread scale generally. This collection of drivers will have the capacity to give input on regardless of whether highlights are useful and handy or not.

Lyft has featured a driver advisory group for over a year. It shaped its Driver Advisory Council in May 2016 to give Lyft administrators and group pioneers to give reviews and feedbacks on being a driver. This body is comprised of agent drivers from all locales of the US who get the opportunity to test new highlights and make proposals to the organization.

Before now Uber has also collaborated with drivers as well. In New York City, the Uber administration meets frequently each year with drivers who are registered members of the Independent Drivers Guild. In these gatherings, drivers delineate changes to the application, new guidelines, and other issues associated with Uber

Presently, with the Driver Advisory Forum, Uber will get the opportunity to get opinions and feedback from drivers all over the US.

Holt concluded that taking the future into account, Uber wants to be more precise with regards to its responsibilities and this is the chance to generate the best experience for and by the driver base.