Why UberEats Clone Script – Food Delivery Apps are valued amidst the pandemic

Earlier for quite some time, eateries had some second thoughts when it came to digitizing their business. It might be due to the perception that the transformation involved could be a very overwhelming work. Now at present with the pandemic raging across the world, such restaurants are paying for their misconception where dine-ins at restaurants are no more. Now for them, emerged a saviour in the form of food delivery platforms.


The governments have ordered all the restaurant-oriented businesses to function by implementing only takeaways and deliveries. It is where third-party food delivery platform’s importance increased tenfold. Here, the giants in restaurants and the medium-sized eateries can manage themselves amidst this crisis with their mobile application. But there is the need for a platform between the small restaurants and the people who have hunger pangs. So, now we will see in detail how an UberEats clone Script can help tackle the problems faced by all restaurants during the lockdown period.


A recent survey held among more than 400 restaurants in the USA and Canada revealed some interesting facts which are listed below: –


  • 82 % of the eateries said that UberEats constituted a vast and vital role amidst the pandemic.
  • 81 % of restaurants might have laid off employees if UberEats didn’t come to their rescue.
  • Because of the lockdown rules, 75% of restaurants might have shut down their functioning.
  • Last but not least, 92% of the restaurants were willing to embrace food delivery apps, and this trend will continue even after the situation normalizes.


At present, all the eateries want to sustain themselves and associate with prospective customers. It isn’t easy when we speak about the work involved in developing a food delivery application for the former as there are various budget associated pressures they have to handle. By opting for a robust UberEats clone Script, an eatery enterprise can sail smoothly in this market.


When we speak about Uber, its prominence regarding food delivery has been at the centre of attention for some time. It has discovered the untapped potential in the food ordering/delivery business by having struck a deal with Postmates along with several COVID-19 associated initiatives that it has taken.


To optimize the functioning of eateries and restaurants, UberEats is going to pave the way for the advent of UberEats Manager Application. The objective is to help the restaurant managers to manage the orders and the customers as well seamlessly. Furthermore, with the help of the app, the associated eateries now have no hindrance in their quest to enhance the sales.


For starts, the commission fees have been waived off by UberEats till the end of this year, and this is a smart approach by Uber to add more eateries to its business.


It is no doubt that restaurant enterprises ought to adapt to the new situation at present to enhance their sales and revenue.


When we speak about a successful business, we have to cater to the end customers needs or otherwise, our fate is sealed to be doomed. In the food delivery app world, only a handful of them succeeds in getting integrated on the customer’s phone.


Based on the present market trends, developing an exceptional UberEats clone by the use of state-of-the-art technology will play a significant role in making it thrive.


Below listed are some features that prove to be effective.


Reward Points:

Crediting the customers, especially those who order from local eateries with reward points, is a win-win situation for the restaurants and the platform. It is because, in the case of the former, their sales get enhanced, and the latter can enlarge both user engagement and revenue.

Pickup map:

Now, it is normal for customers to get afraid that their food orders might get exposed to the virus. For instilling trust, the platforms can provide them with the option to pick up their orders directly from the eateries where there is no delivery personnel involvement.

Priority order deliveries:

When it comes to the customers, some of them would like the food to be delivered at a fast pace despite this costing them more. Thereby this feature can be implemented where the charges are a bit higher than the regular rates and this will be effective when it comes to enthralling customers,



During this pandemic, food delivery apps are showing their importance and worth in connecting the customer base and the eateries. It is an ideal business for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to pile up greater profits in the present scenario.

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