Uberdoo- Uber for Doctors

Uber at present has created quite a stir in the on-demand service market where everything occurs and is delivered at your doorstep. Uber has ensured that the motto of convenience serves effectively with respect to the user base. This has paved way for many other Uber based apps termed relatively as Uber for X apps which make use of the underlying logic which made the original app an astounding success. There are several Uber for X apps present in the market which achieves the services all in a relatively fewer number of clicks.

However, for the healthcare domain, the same aspect cannot be implemented to avail the services of doctors with such a logic from the app manipulated with the help of the smartphone. However, the brand Uberdoo strives to make a difference related to this. It has developed a robust Uber clone script which can be used to develop Uber for X apps in a relatively shorter timeframe and rest assured it works that fast.

It is manipulated to schedule appointments with doctors and the code assists in an easy process related to the generation of a huge database which is segmented with doctors and physicians based on the services they offer and also on the specialties with which they are associated. Further, the user base can use the app to avail reviews and feedbacks of a given doctor prior to fixing an appointment with them.The code incorporates smart search and effective filtering where the users can instantly narrow down on the appropriate doctors suiting their needs based on their ratings. The logic also ensures that additional details related to the doctor are provided for insight prior to booking an appointment with the same doctor.

Once the purchase of the Uber clone script has been done, it is featured with an app for the user base and the doctor as well with the incorporation of back-end admin panel which serves to develop the Uber for Doctor’s app effectively.

Here the appointments or visits to the doctor are made organized and coordinated much effectively with deeper insight related to the same. In the event that the particular app user is too unwell such that he does not have the strength to visit the doctor in person, there is no need to panic or worry as the code has been incorporated with some more amazing features up its sleeve – With the code, you can also develop an online consulting feature for the app user or even much to your amazement make doctors visit the patient’s homes to offer treatment as well. All the users have to do to manipulate the resultant Uber for X app and enter few important information and the reason behind it. Payment can be done online either before or after the session with the help of credit cards and in a relatively short amount of time, a related doctor will show up your doorstep.

Ultimately the robust code script of ours serves to offer the best-personalized solutions for both the user base and the medical professionals to interact with one another.

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