Trending and Latest Taxi Ride Apps for New York City travelers other than Uber


Traveling within New York City is flooding with options now,  of course, it was all started by Uber and today there are lots of other companies ready to offer you the better and the most exciting experiences in the traveling. There are many companies and that have come out with their services and almost many companies are trying their best to provide excellent service and they aim in giving excellent services like Uber clone. Even though many companies have arisen one of the number one scripts among every one stands is the Uber clone script. Almost all the regular cab riders know about the Uber clone and their services. Now there are many services which are out like Uber clone script below mentioned are the some of the trending companies like Uber in Newyork


The company calls itself as the competitor of Uber and Lyft is yet to launch. However, the ideas proposed by the company seems promising enough. The real-time test is yet to happen.


This application is for riding with a yellow taxi is one of the latest ones. This app does not have surge pricing and also the driver is charged $10 if a ride is canceled which makes the app more reliable. However, this taxi service helps you  to reach the  remote parts of the city there are chances that you might get a few taxis to book


It is much similar to Uber in terms of service. The surge piecing is limited to three times its normal price unlike uber where you have to spend a fortune for a short ride on a rainy day.


The application is extremely useful for traveling between the upper east and upper west of the financial district. For traveling to other parts do compare and check out other options.


NYC taxi can be booked on the two of the tech portals, one is Way2ride and the other is Arro. But in terms of technology and reliability, the former wins the bet.


Now people have got an idea about the Uber and the other services, we all in this world know that Uber came out and it has really created an awesome trending idea among the people for traveling. Where many people started to use the good services of the uber. Now many other services have an outcome and they started to produce one of the excellent and the trending services.