Know all the excellent Features of Taxi Booking applications and Create your own with  Uber clone script


Are you searching for the advanced version of the taxi application? Then you can get the advanced app for taxi booking by Mobile App Development Company for Android and as well as iOS with the Uber clone script. The application works on real-time which has integrated Mobile Payment and it also ensures that the payments for the drivers are directly taken. There are two mobile applications that come with Taxi Booking apps such as the Uber Passenger App for booking and tracking.  Uber clone app drivers can use for accepting the requests for mobile booking. Nowadays, mobile app development companies receiving a lot of requests for the taxi mobile app development. Considering the high demand for this trend, A Taxi app customer can.

  1. choose the ride
  2. check its location at any given moment,
  3. change the ride if the circumstances require that
  4. after the ride user can rate the rate and review the driver he or she has been riding with.

Advanced features:

  • Pickup Location
  • Split Payments
  • Vehicle Selection
  • Interactive Map and Taxi Tracking
  • Built-in Messenger
  • Gamification
  • Discount
  • Voice Recognition

If you’re thinking of getting your own taxi based application then you try with Uber clone script leading taxi clone app development They have professional app developers who can build a perfect taxi application.  The mobile application is a custom and product-based company and Taxi Booking Application is one of them. As they have the application ready-made and do the customization as per the customer requirement. The cost of the taxi app depends upon the functionality and complexity of the app. It depends on how much features and the uniqueness of the app. Taxi Booking Application overviews the solution for the Customers, Drivers, where they can handle end to end activities which come across during the process of booking and taking a ride.

  • 100% Process Automation
  • Multi-Layer – End User, Driver, Agencies, Core-Admin
  • Online Bookings, Amendments, and Cancellations
  • Group Reservations
  • Ride Tracking

The traditional process of taxi booking was typical for both passengers and the drivers, as the drivers parked in a taxi stand have to wait for the customers. But with the introduction of on-demand tax Uber clone Taxi booking apps in the taxi business, the passengers can easily book a cab with few taps and get the cab service at their doorstep or where they want. Technology and new trends in the market play an essential role in taxi app development. The taxi booking company needs to develop a taxi booking app for passengers as well as drivers because it is beneficial for both. The introduction of mobile apps has brought a revolution in many ways. If you run a taxi business then you must look for an Uber-like taxi booking app. Your own taxi booking app for your business will help you to approach more customers, maximize profits and take bookings easily.

New GPS technology and maps help us to find current locations and track the route. Besides, it is also useful for reaching on time and fare estimation.

  1. In-app payment

Developing a taxi app without an app is developing the taxi app without a basic foundation. Moreover, the inbuilt payment system allows passengers to pay from the mobile app. And if you want to pay your ride fare in cash or through cards (Debit or Credit), it allows you to do it. 3. Analytics System

Analytics data shows you how your taxi booking app is performing and it will help you to analyze and develop that where your app is performing well and where it needs improvement to be done.

  1. Profile

The necessity of maintaining customer and driver profiles with essential details like email id and the mobile number has several beneficial reasons like for online payments. Also, it allows customers to review and to rate the drivers.

  1. Push notification

If you create a taxi app, push notifications feature is the must and the relevant option to be added and it must be effective and must show the constant notifications. It helps us to keep engaging with the customers. Moreover, it is also possible to create an in-app messenger so that customer and driver could chat with each other.