Interesting  Features Of Uber Clone that must be imparted in your applications.


Technology changes the way we think and it makes it further convenient and simple for the users.  Now it is estimated that more than 80% of taxi booking comes from mobile apps. Thus, mobile phones and apps play a key role in the taxi booking business. Uber is considered as one of the most successful taxi booking apps in the industry. Uber modifies the concept of taxi booking completely and makes it simple for consumers.  In the short span of the period, Uber clone script has made about 11.3 billion in 2018 and estimated furthermore in the coming years. Many startups and entrepreneurs also have made an attempt to start a business with Uber Clone. But most of them failed to check the functionality & features. Many offer Uber Clone for a cheap price but in the majority of the cases, it lacks a lot of functionality, add-ons, and the tremendous features that were inbuilt it.

Basic Features Of Uber Clone App:

Verified Profile

Uber clone script provides a quality experience to the users and it also checks I verify the details of both driver & users. It is important to have details like name, and other basic information to provide a personalized experience. The profile must initiate the details and must also be able to personalize notification to the users and as well as for the drivers.

Online Payment

Uber clone script feature helps the user to pay for the ride in the app. Customers through this feature also get the option to pay by COD or Online payments like Credit, debit or net banking.


Analytics helps to know what is going around your business. Using analytics, you can create a custom report and keep track of the details like driver log, driver activity, user activity, number of trips, trip acceptance and so on. These analytics data helps you to make an informed decision and make it easy to manage your portal.

Location & Map

Live location is important feature of the Uber Clone. It helps the driver to easily reach the user location. It also gives useful information like traffic, estimated time to reach the location and shortest route. This process makes the driver reach the exact location easily within time. Using location tracking, the user can easily keep track of the drivers. The user can share their live location with their friends & families.


It is important to know what your customers think of your business. The customer rating increases the brand awareness and credibility of the portal. The drivers also have the option to rate and review the customer which helps to increase the overall experience.


There are so many things that one can manage and utilize using this application that it is an absolute wonder. Uber clone helps the masses reach you easily and find you instantly.  Today in this mobile era more and more people are now dependent on their mobile phones for all their requirements. In this situation, giving your users an application to book taxis is an absolute necessity. It is no longer a luxury to have an application. Making the application properly is a key step to attain success and take when it comes to growing your business. The uber clone is an app that can open huge doors for profit-making opportunities in the ever demanding and growing business of the taxis.